Ibiza – The place with many names! – How to correctly pronounce it?

  • Kaushal Panchal
    Kaushal Panchal
    October 3, 2016 at 12:35 pm #7257

    Hey Guys, I have heard so many ways of saying ‘Ibiza’. How do you pronounce it and is there really a correct way to say Ibiza?

    In the past month I have heard it pronounced as below:

    Ibb – Eee – Tha

    Eye – Bee – Tha

    Eee – Bee – Tha

    Eee – Bee – Zaa

    Eee – Beat – Zaa

    Eee – Vee – Zaa

    Which one is the correct one? and how do you pronounce it?


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