Get your hair right for music fests

get your hair right for music fests

Get your hair right for music fests

GGet your hair right for music fests has suggestions to save ideas for edgy braids, braided ponytails, infinity braids, messy buns, criss cross pigtails, fish braids, chain jewelry and charms for hair, et alia and others. Get your hair right for music fests has hairstyles that are risque with flower crowns, French braids and twisted crowns being the classic favorites in hairstyle trends without getting into the rut.

For a Simple Hairdo you can just curl your hair with a curling iron working on the one-inch section. Leave some of the ends untouched for a more natural feel.

Tie your hair into two buns with mid parting on the either side and let them stay for at least five minutes and then let your hair down by opening them and dab it with some hair spray for the wavy look.

Tie your hair into a messy bun and let some hair strands flow free.

If you are all out for it, then go out for a bejewelled undercut look.

Go for rainbow hair by dying your hair in different hues if your totally up for it and be the complete head-turner.

Part your hair from one side and with the teasing comb brush your hair well and work out a tight fish braid and look hip and sexy.

Part your hair from one side by going for a side parting with the pointed end of the comb and take a small section of your hair and chop it off to your neck level and then tie your hair into a neat ponytail and leave the chopped ends loose neatly on either sides of your nape.

Go for breezing fringes for the perfect baby doll look.

Clip your ponytail at regular intervals at a uniform fashion and secure the end of the ponytail with a tight band so that it does not open on the dance floor especially if you have overtly silky hair.

Go for a dramatic head band and head gear.

Go for some serious Grecian vibes with metallic bobby pins, clips, rings or piercings and look like a Greek or a Roman Goddess hair. Spray your hair for some metallic shine in short bursts by spraying your hair holding your hair spray 10-12 inches from your hair.

A signature statement cut can revamp your look in minutes. Some of them are choppy bangs, cropped curls, buzz cuts, wigs, shags and shaved sides with under cuts.

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