Global Techno Food trends for the Millennials

Techno Foods are much more than the look and the taste. Techno Foods brings more senses to the plate for an extrasensory experience.

A famous British celebrity chef has devised a dish ‘Sound of the Sea’ that comes with an iPod in a shell so that diners can enjoy his gourmet food preparation while listening to the playlist. The entire focus is to make the food tasting and fixing it to perfection that appeals to the senses. Sound engineers research what music goes best with coffee and wine. Restaurants install perfume diffusers to check what kind of fragrances whet the appetite for different types of meals.

The concept of Techno Foods started with supper theater and blindfold tasting sessions at food haunts for the food fare for the larger sensory game plan.

Chefs across the world are working with psychologists, psychiatrists, illusionists and sound experts to involve the senses of the sounds, smell, touch and sight and not just taste to deliver a memorable meal.

Techno Foods are about the multi sensory play and mind games too. The high tech gastronomic event known as Ultraviolet by French chef Paul Pairet who runs some high end eateries in Shanghai is a 10 seater restaurant with LED walls, projectors, speakers and innovative lighting that changes with each course. The event uses video, audio, bespoke lighting, scents and fragrances along side the food to stimulate senses. It is just 10 guests every night that experience the ultimate in immersive dining in a secret city location.

Multi dimensional dinners and immersive dining is all about the out of the world dining experience with light installations, projections, props, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Celebrity Chef Paco Roncero organizes such food meets at Sublimotion in Ibiza for an incomparable experience.

Neuroscientists and mind experts are helping chefs and restaurateurs in this global food trend. The food fusion of the scientific-gastronomic kind has a universal appeal from food researchers, chefs, wine critics to casual diners and global foodies. The famous neuroscientist and author of the book Neurogastronomy: How the brain creates flavor analyzes flavor engagement with the brain regions that control emotions, food preferences and food cravings.

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