Google map hacks to navigate like a pro on your move

Google map hacks to navigate like a pro on your move

Google map hacks to navigate like a pro on your move

Google maps can do a lot more than get you from point A to B. These are some of the lesser known and yet usually friendly features to the most out of Google maps.

While navigating hit the three vertical dots right of the search box and tap on ‘route options’. Tick the ‘avoid toll roads’ option. There are multiple options to avoid highways, toll roads and passes too. It might take you through the longer route though sometimes if you do not mind journeying more.

Google map hacks to navigate like a pro on your move

You can check availability as well as book cabs through Goole maps. Open the app and enter your destination on the search bar. On the bottom right the car icon for navigation pans out your route and you just have to select the stick figure holding a briefcase on top of the screen. A pop up screen will appear at the bottom with select options showing price estimates and wait time for Uber, Ola and Meru. Select your preferred option and follow the simple instructions and you are good to go. You can ride through Google Maps without having an Uber app on your phone as Uber services are integrated with Google maps.

Google Maps comes with a time saving feature and that is you can save your destination as your favorites and comes sans any scope of errors while entering any address. All you have to do is enter the location of your interest and bring it up on the map tap on the card that pops at the bottom and hit the star which says save. Go to side menu of the app and access the places listed under ‘your places.’

Google map hacks to navigate like a pro on your move

You can even plot your route to your destination by adding multiple stops at various locations as you input the first location you want to travel to and then tap three vertical dots on the top right and choose ‘add stop’. Repeat the same procedure to add as many stops as you need and then tap ‘finished’.

You can share real-time location on Google Maps above all. You are driving to a new place to meet somebody but you have no idea about the exact location. Go to the side menu with three horizontal bars and tap the share location. Select any number of recipients you want to share your location with and for how long. This feature comes with a time factor and so it can be anywhere between 15 minutes to 3 days based on your preferences. You can also send a sharing permission to a Google contact or a link over a messaging app or email.

Google map hacks to navigate like a pro on your move
The ones you share this with will be getting a notification from Google Maps automatically and will be able to see you navigating in real-time on the smartphone and web version of Google Maps. You will see an icon above the compass on your own map which is a mere reminder of you sharing your location actively. The location sharing feature can also be turned off anytime if you feel you are done with it. Rest assured, sharing also ends once you arrive at your destination by fault.

Google Maps offers to find parking if you are on Android and heading to one of the 25 US cities supported so far. The option appears in the driving directions card, and shout roll out more widely soon.

Google Maps help you look up the weather in a location you may be traveling to in order to see for you if you needed to take a brollie or a bikini or a blanket.

Google Maps has photo Geo Tagging that is where photos you have taken on your mobile phone are tagged with the place in which you took them. It also helps to work out how much fuel is used to drive a certain route especially on road trips.

Google Maps predominantly helps you to find directions. It helps to plot distance between places. It helps you look up places of interest where you can go on travel. It enables you to find a postcode of an address. It enables you to have satellite imagery, street maps and Street View perspectives along with 360° panoramic view of streets.

Google Maps has updated driving, navigation, transit and explore maps. It gives real time traffic conditions and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle or public transportation.

If you are in a new country and don’t know the local language, you couldn’t even ask the locals for directions. You have to reach the destination after hours of navigating roads.

Be an expert navigator with Google Maps.

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