Great Vacation Ideas for Adults

While family vacations are filled with moments of discovery for children and the pleasure of togetherness for parents, sometimes the most relaxing trips are those taken alone. When the family is away, men and women have the option to design their vacation exactly how they please; singly or with friends, these destinations are excellent ways to unwind and recharge.

Trips for Conquering Nature

North Americans are lucky to live in a country with so many different types of outdoor terrain, and there are great vacation spots near every one of them. Rock climbing in Yosemite, CA, taking a bike trip through the Grand Canyon or skiing the challenging slopes at Mad River Glen in Fayston, VT, will get anyone’s blood pumping in a whole new way.

Great Vacation Ideas for Adults

Vacations Designed for Guys

While many of these spots will appear to be designed just for men, those women who like to play with the big boys are more than welcome to take advantage of the fun. Visiting an Alabama hunting lodge taking on “Man Camp” in Aspen, CO, or going deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale, FL, are all ways for adults to connect with their primal side.

Sideline Vacations for the Inactive

Those who prefer a more idle vacation that will not require them to expend a lot of energy also have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a personal destination. From hitting up Bourbon Street during Mari Gras to watching the Indianapolis 500 live, there are plenty of exciting choices that will not leave vacationers sweaty and tired.

Great Vacation Ideas for Adults

Sophisticated Vacation Destinations

Art, music, wine and culture can easily come together to create a vacation that is decidedly just for adults. While there are many places where these options are available, those looking for a fantastic, solo trip may want to visit New York, NY, for the Broadway scene, Detroit, MI, to connect with emerging artists and Memphis, TN, to rediscover the roots of the Delta Blues.

Take an Unforgettable Journey

Whether adults planning their next vacation choose to go it alone, with a spouse or with a group of like-minded friends, there are plenty of options available to those who are ready to make new memories. From challenging the outdoors to soaking up cities, it is possible to have a good time when the family is away. Plan a fantastic trip today.

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