Health travel: Health friendly things to soothe your soul

Health travel Health friendly things to soothe your soul

Health Travel has become traveller’s favourite choice and so travel packages also come up with health check-ups with choosing destinations that provide wellness with the rising demand for health breaks is only another breakthrough in wellness tourism.

Hotels with full day therapeutic suites, personalised spas and massage enabled electronic pillows, homestays offering Vitamin C baths, airports with yoga rooms and what not only provides more impetus to this mutli-billion dollar industry.

Yoga and pilates on isolated locations, silent meditation, surfboarding, paddle boarding, canoeing, karma lessons in wellness festivals, cruise retreats, dolphin therapy, naturopathy, forest therapy retreats in tree houses and woods, gut health and microbiome holidays to cleanse, restore and revitalise overall health, health cooking sessions, beauty retreats, cliff camping, learning flying trapeze, desert tight roping with harness, quantum leap off poles,

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body massages and health food retreats with helpings of farm to table cuisine organic foods and vegan meals only recede anxiety and reset nerves as a spurt of adrenaline high activity combined with a deep relaxation activity only alleviates stress at a faster rate.

Health travel Health friendly things to soothe your soul

It is a great balance of psychological and physical leap of faith as it extrapolates life into the larger context and can be well traced back into the everyday life making life a permanent “happication”. After all life itself should be like traveling to an exotic destination. It’s all about having the ability to slow down everyday madness and look out for a healthy state of mind elsewhere.

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