Helsinki is the most preferred winter destination for honeymooners

Helsinki is the most preferred winter destination for honeymooners

Helsinki is the most preferred winter destination for honeymooners


Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It gets no sunshine for consecutive 51 days and 101 days of snow. Helsinki is best for newlyweds looking out for a honeymoon destination. Helsinki has the world’s best saunas offering couple steam sessions. Helsinki is the world’s coldest capital. It is perfect for a winter honeymoon for it’s design districts and neo classical architecture. Helsinki is a winter hangover with icicles.

The Helsinki Day ticket is for 9 Euros for adults. There is unlimited scope for commuting on public transport.

Helsinki is spas, saunas, cafés, shopping, landmarks and hotels galore for the romantics. It has a classical and contemporary vibe.

Helsinki Cathedral is the most photographed landmark. Helsinki cathedrals define surrealism and are hypnagogic in true sense. The Diocese, Bishop’s throne, goblins, gargoyles, chapels and chalets are a visual treat for the patrons.

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Helsinki Cathedral is the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral of the Diocese of Helsinki and the crown jewel of Helsinki in Neoclassical style. It is rightly called the white jewel in the Senate Square with domes in the changing hues of stone blue, icy blue and ivy green.

The Senate Square is in Neoclassical architecture at the heart of the Finnish Capital.

The Sibelius Monument Park with a Symphonic Vibe dedicated to the legend of Symphony.

Helsinki is the most preferred winter destination for honeymooners

Design Museum is dedicated to the design aficionados of both classic Finnish and Foreign design in the heart of the Helsinki Design District at a short from Esplanades.

Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral derives from Slavonic descent dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos or the Virgin Mary. Uspenski Cathedral is the largest of one of its kind in Europe.

Helsinki is the most preferred winter destination for honeymoonersImage Credits: Maria Hedengren Photography

Temppeliaukio Kirkko is a Lutheran church in the Töölö neighborhood of Helsinki with a copper lined dome and rubble interior wall designs. The rock wall has a crevice dating back to the Ice Age serves as the altarpiece of the church. It is situated in the heart of Helsinki. In the recesses of the heart of worship, it carved out of the bedrock.

Helsinki has official Design District tagged as World Design Capital. Some of the must visit revamped flagship stores and galleries with global omni-channels and multi channels and custom made and curated Finnish Design and lifestyle products are Fiskars Village, Iittala with Scandinavian influences, Artek, TRE, Taiga Colors, Kauniste & Lapuan Kankurit, Old Market Hall, Hakeniemi, Hietalahti, Et Alia and others.

Some of the must buy souvenirs are Marimekko fabrics, Aalto Vases, Hackman Cookware and Tableware, Creations and handcrafted artefacts of Interior design by Toikka, Teema, Origo and Kartio, cheese and berries. Design District has fleeting waterfront views.

Helsinki is the most preferred winter destination for honeymoonersImage Credits: TripAdvisor

The Monument of Tsar Alexander II is located in the center of Senate Square. St John’s Church is a Lutheran Church in Gothic Revival style. It is the largest stone church in Finland. It is a perfect spot for midsummer bonfires. It has vignettes and tableau designs.

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Savoy has the grandest dining room since 1930s with a culinary history of over 75 years looking over Helsinki rooftops, overlooking the Esplanadi Park. Book your date at Savoy for dinner.

Helsinki is the most preferred winter destination for honeymoonersImage Credits: Bakery Bingo

Make sure you book your breakfast table at the Karl Fazer Cafe. It was founded in 1891. It is a cavernous café famous for its Art Deco architecture. Go for classic porridge, freshly baked rye bread with spreads, fruit cakes, salmon and shrimp sandwiches, sundaes, cabbage rolls, Finnish Kropser or baked Pancakes and Holiday Eggs Benedict.

Karelian pasty is a must try or karjalanpiirakka is a traditional Finnish dish made from thin rye crust and rice filling. Egg butter or munavoi is spread over hot pastries. It is also best served with oven cooked cheese and cloudberry jam.

Gravlax is Nordic appetizer of raw and cured Salmon thinly sliced accompanied by hovmästarsås which is a dill and mustard sauce.

Lohikeitto is a creamy salmon soup with fillets, boiled potatoes and leeks with dill seasoning.

Karelian hot pot is a meat stew with black peppercorns.

Pyttipanna is a Finnish hodgepodge ala hash served with fried egg and pickled beet root.

Mustamakkara and Grillimakkara are Finnish blood sausage traditionally eaten with lingonberry jam.

The Glass Cupola at Karl Fazer cafe reflects sounds enabling one to hear each other’s conversation with great acoustics.

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Kortelli has options galore housing 11 eateries. Pompier is a former fire brigade building turned into a restaurant with Finnish, European, Scandinavian, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Carelian pie is made out of rye dough and rolled paper thin with rice porridge and mashed potatoes topped with a mixture of softened butter and boiled eggs. Ruisleipä or Rye Bread and Riispurro or Rice Porridge are must try.

Finnish ales and brews are an interesting tale of mixology. Sparakoff is a red pub tram. Trillby & Chadwick Detective Agency is a themed alehouse as a local branch of a London Detective agency hired to enforce prohibition laws.

Helsinki is the most preferred winter destination for honeymoonersImage Credits: Pinterest

Steam Helsinki is steam punk themed bar. A21 is one of the best in the cocktail culture of Helsinki.

There are 3.2 million saunas in the capital with the population of 5 million. Loyly is a must visit sauna barely 2 miles from the Helsinki City Center. The steam comes from the hot stones in smoked rooms. Take a dip in Baltic in the public saunas and head back to the private sauna. One can also book a hot tub inside a Ferris wheel. It is the world’s only sauna in the sky.

Roller derby and Ice skating are loved sports in Helsinki. You can hit the slopes and ski around. You can opt for alpine retreats and inns all the year round. You can also maroon and ice in a chalet.

Helsinki has the best escape destinations in the form of spas and salon offering for the right tan in addition the relaxing venues.

Helsinki has winter carnival attractions and Ice Palaces playing winter melodies and noels with ice sheets and floe.

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  1. Well, so it maybe, but the most strange is in Kemi, Finland inside of the world’s biggest snow castle. Here is my collection of photos during many years. It is not castle made of snow, but there are snow and ice art, ice bar, snow chapel and possibility to spend a night inside the snow hotel or in seaside glass villas.

    Snow is guaranteed in Kemi in winters. Many love walking on the ice of frozen sea nearby it. This is experience!

    Happy weekend.

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