How to do backpacking the smart way for a backpacking trip

How to do backpacking the smart way for a backpacking trip

The nitty gritties of backpacking must be kept in mind to ensure great travels. Backpacking is more about traveling than doing touristy things. Solo traveling has a lot to do with backpacking. Backpacking is not about packing the most you can as you would end up using half the stuff or even less than half. Backpacking has to do with a lot of exploring alongside carrying the rucksack all the time on your back all the time wherever you go. Do not stuff it excessively so that you do not have to go through intermittent back pain.

Keep it light and organised. Try to separate the essentials while choosing everything that looks important and you want to carry along with you. Add anything extra that you want later. Keep the essentials at the top whenever you need them handy. Stack the heaviest near the back and balance it out by placing the lighter ones at the top and the bottom.

Compartmentalize your backpack with zippers into sections mostly base, center and top. Keep the spot reserved for the times you would not be needing regularly at the base. Store heavy gears and bulky items at the center. Keep essentials at the top most zone to make it accessible quickly.

Choose clothes that complement each other and go well with the weather. Avoid clothes that serve with the utility only once. Try to mix and match and do not add to the clutter. Keep them organised at all times and leave some room for a breathing space.

Choose a bag with a lot of sections, cabinets and pockets in the front or at the side and some hidden ones. Organize the little items like compass, sunglasses, maps, eye masks, snacks, personal items and personal identification into one. Keep beauty essentials like sunscreen and lip balm stashed in order to keep them handy at all times.

How to do backpacking the smart way for a backpacking trip

Do not stack up by purchasing a lot of souvenirs on the way back home and return with a sore spine, backpack and sciatica. Try to explore as much as you can and capture it all in your camera.

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