How to find your ideal travel partner

How to find your ideal travel partner

If travel is your calling, then finding the right travel partner gives an inkling of each other’s soul. A travel partner essentially has to be someone who looks or for the same travel sensibilities and is on the same wavelength as you so does the willingness to split the costs is above all else coupled with some healthy sense of humour. Discuss with your future travel partner how much you would like to spend on accommodation, transfers and activities way before the trip. Finances can point out differences between people and you certainly do not want a trip that gets you into the stress mode. It is best to make a list of priorities and see if they match and then agree on a rough budget for encountering less stress on the trip. If your partner insists on staying in a luxurious hotel merely for an experience, then you can keep a tad bit tighter budget on food and daily excursions comparatively.


Traveling is something Millennials do not do only in the free time but over a period of time it has come out as a serious pursuit. Travel plays out on the entire level of emotional wellbeing and not merely as the process of self-discovery. It is all about losing yourself in the process in finding you. The company you choose to travel with matters a lot in this pursuit. You no more travel with some merely because he/she is around you but rather some person who is up-close in the way you instantly click with them and they get you in splits without making the entire experience of traveling boring. You have to sign up for the same activities as they do in perfect tandem in the limbo.

It is important to choose a partner you are comfortable and compatible with. It is best to pick someone who has the same traveling style as yours. It is important to share the same sensibilities that can make you travels flow easy. The person need not be your twin flame but similar traits, habits, tastes and packing styles can definitely be an advantage as you travel together for days, weeks or even months.

How to find your ideal travel partner

You can choose to hike over the weekend with your travel bud or be a laid back traveler accordingly. You can get an opportunity to travel with locals as it is a lot easier to communicate and get to learn the basics of a new language or find directions or planning an itinerary packed with activities or figuring out the best accommodations and means to commute as well. If you are traveling with someone who is a foodie and so are you, then you can take short halts and fuel up. Do not miss out a chance to sample a new food item with your travel buddy who shares similar fondness for food.

You can stay fit with your travel buddy on your travels. You can not only maintain but also improve your fitness levels when you are on the road without bothering a gym to do it.

Millennials are constantly on the lookout for meaningful travel without any hangups. Millennials are now becoming increasingly conscious about traveling with the right travel partner who has a lot in common with them. Millennials do not like to shop like a pro, return to the hotel and crash. Millennials prefer to travel with like minded traveler and do not mind if at all he or she is just an acquaintance or a stranger. The idea of traveling with someone only because you are close to them is passe.

The entire experience of travel is massively heightened by sharing. Sharing your travels with a co-traveler whose notion of travel is the same as yours is a great thing to get involved in. The most common misconception is that the better friends you are with someone the better travel partner they make but sometimes your best bud isn’t the best travel companion for you. At times traveling with the best of your friends does not turn out the way you expect.

Different travelers have different traveling styles, habits, tastes, likes, dislikes and interests and just because you get along with someone really well does not mean you can travel together as traveling means that you are likely to face a lot if challenges on the trip, delayed flights, loss of important documents, non availability of food preferences, a not so comfortable stay, et al. Travels definitely test your ability to adjust, compromise and find a solution without whining or whinging about it. People have different ways of dealing with situations and crisis and it can lead to arguments and discomfort turning the travel into a nightmare. It is best for each to make a list of priorities and see if they match and managing the expenses by agreeing upon a rough budget to encounter less stress on the trip.

Expenses and money matters can reveal a lot of differences between people and can become the core issue of a lot of disagreements. It is important to choose a partner you are comfortable and compatible with. It is all about customizing travel plans according to the tastes and personal preferences of the travelers.

It is important to find the perfect travel companion for yourself and picking your partner wisely. Millennials are taking round the world trip feeding their persistent sense of wanderlust.

Your ideal partner could be a neatnik, hot mess, slob or a hot bod freak. They could either be a quickie or spend over an hour in the shower. They might be extra chatty or friendly or just be reserve. They might love partying or prefer to stay back reading a book by the hotel room with a view or lobby or might prefer going for a date night. Some are laid back travelers who love their own space as sticking together all the time might take a toll on the sanity. They like to spend their alone time on their own and do not mind hanging out by himself or herself. They like to make the most of the queen sized bed by sleeping till late in the morning and waking up till the wee hours or spend an entire evening lazing around as it works perfectly for them. Some like to have their itineraries jam packed with activities. Some like to travel for wellness purposes with yoga and meditation packages. Some like to biz travel. Some like to volunteer travel. Some are backpackers taking a round the world trip. Some are loungers. Some are culture enthusiasts. Some are shopaholics. Some are adventurers and some are spiritualists. The importance of choosing your perfect travel companion for your future travels is the best bet to travel now.

Millennials are traveling away and how and you can become a travel whiz and make the most of your travels with the catchy motion pictures, featurettes and travelogues by choosing a pro travel buddy.

Must do activities with your travel buddy to stay fit on the move:

Go on a walking tour and discover new locales on foot. It is one of the most ideal ways to get an authentic sense of the place and include some physical activity as well. Go healthy with mini workout sessions probably a short high intensity workout followed by a healthy breakfast as an ideal way to start your day. You can also gear up instead of standing and waiting in a food queue with some quick calf raises, glute squeezes or simply breathing exercises. Include physical activity on each day of your getaway. Rent a bike if you are in an urban location and ride along the most scenic routes. Take the stairs or hike along a local group.

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  1. That’s such a well written article as there are some things to consider when choosing your travel partner. I agree that same traveling style is crucial! Personally, I love traveling with my fiancé, we definitely have the same preferences. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these tips for finding your ideal travel partner! It definitely helps to set up travel expectations beforehand to avoid any awkward or uncomfortable trips!

  3. Travelling with a partner can be so very rewarding… but it is so important to travel with someone who shares your view on travel! Having to compromise too much will definitely affect your travel experience, so making sure your travel buddy has a similar view of experiences, travel pace and budget is important. Great tips!

  4. Finding the ideal travel partner is so important as it can impact on your travel experience. I remember having to compremise a lot with a friend who only wanted to go to the beach while i wanted to discover the city! I nearly lost a friend there!

  5. I agree to most of the points raised here since while traveling with another human, it is important to practice a certain level of dependency while you are an independent travel soul all the way. I hate people who n=binge on shopping and typical touristy thing and avoid them like plague 😛

  6. Nicely written post with so many good ideas. Sometimes if you can’t find ideal (or good enough) travel partner is better to travel alone. 🙂

  7. So true about making sure you’re on the same page about money. That’s the fastest way to make a trip miserable in my experience — especially since it’s so awkward to talk about. I usually prefer to find my travel buddies on the road, since it’s easier to link up with people with the same travel style who are already doing the same activities — and easier to part ways if we end up not being good travel buddies.

  8. I completely agree that care should be taken while choosing a travel partner. I am a family traveller and never had an issue until on my recent trip to Thailand. I ended up with a group of snobs :/

  9. This is very important. I have travelled with quite a few people and have found that I either travel better by myself or with my boyfriend haha

  10. I like how you’ve broken down everything,into perspective. Getting the right travel partner is a challenge and when people see you traveling they, want to be a part of it. They don’t understand its so much more than the beautiful photos. Sharing this post to preach!

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