How to pack for an overseas travel for first timers

How to pack for an overseas travel for first timers

Packing organizers are a go to thing especially if you are planning on an adventure trip to indulge in different activities. Organizers keep everything in place besides helping in unpack faster and repack at the same pace. Zipped orgranizers give the bag a neat look. Make a list and pack accordingly. The basics should include lightweight clothing and jackets.

Footwear is crucial. Pack sport shoes and slip ons or flip flops. Sneakers and runners work all the time whereas pack your trainers if you prefer working out on the move. Classic Italian leather boots work for every occasion. Choose the most versatile accessories that works for multiple outfits in classic color tones. Carry a large tote along with your handbag with some carry-ons as back up options. Take into account airline specifications about carrying toiletries and try to keep it light. Go easy on the liquid products that might cause spillage or are not allowed on flights.

Keep all the travel documents in a document organizer which can hold a passport, ID card, credit cards, coins, documents and boarding pass. Keep all the emergency contact safely stored.

Try to keep it all tech savvy. Carry your smartphone add ons, chargers, laptops, e-reader and GoPro. Try to ensure that you carry electrical converters and adapters if you are headed to European destinations. Carry a comfy travel pillow, eye masks, earplugs, headphones and medication. Carry a valid prescription when taking drugs abroad.

Choose your suitcase wisely. Keep it lightweight and big enough to hold your essentials taking into account airline specifications as airlines limit the number of baggage and even prefer specific sizes usually. Invest in quality ones that can withstand the trials and tribulations of travels. Try to invest keeping in mind the activities you are going to undertake. Go for the ones with wheels as they are convenient at all times if you have to walk on airports, pavements or sidewalks. Duffel bags and backpacks with multiple pockets offer a lot of space. Carrying a mutli pack of backpack with wheels is chick and offer you the luxury to explore with less of a baggage.

Keep your hidden or safety stash in an undercover pocket for credit card and cash. Use suitcase travel locks and a mini flashlight handy. Save some space for reflective clothing.

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