How to prepare for a healthy flight

How to prepare for a healthy flight

The nutrition index up in the air is not what you are used to at ground level. You are more likely to be dehydrated. The air is drier and you are more likely to eat high calorie foods because that’s what is mainly on offer. Here’s how you can reach your destination refreshed and healthy despite the jet lag.

Chia seeds are a great additive for any breakfast. It is a superfood. It’ll keep you full through your long haul flights and beyond. Flight attendants keep chia seeds on hand to bulk up morning meals and feel better throughout the flight, according to Bon Appetit.

The day or night before the flight

The day or night before you fly might not be the best time to eat raw food like sushi or dumplings. Do not experiment with something you’ve never eaten before. You have to ensure that you are not spending the time on your flight of cramps or worse. Eat light. It is especially true if you have a window seat or have to keep getting up to go to the restroom. You may also want to use the day or night before the flight to pack some healthy baked snacks, small bites, crackers, fruit and nut, et al.

Before the flight

You may wake up just in time to get to the airport but do try and eat something within an hour even if breakfast is served on the flight. Try to keep a good three-to-four hour gap. Your body will slip into starvation mode if you don’t eat within an hour of getting up. The circadian rhythm of the body goes for a toss on flights and it will store the next thing you eat as fat. You don’t have to eat a full breakfast early in the morning though. Fruit salad or health bar is all you need to jump start your metabolism.

During the flight

The nutritional choices you make on board come down to countering both the dryness in the air as well as the high calorific value of the food served in the flight. Avoid foods that will spike your blood sugar and then send it crashing down again such as cookies, peanuts, cakes, processed foods and fizzy drinks. Pre-book low fat meals. Avoid alcohol abuse caffeine completely.

After the flight

Resupply the water you lost on the flight as you land. Hydrate well. Revitalize your system drinking about 2-3 liters of water a day.

Wish you a healthy flight.
Stay refreshed. Get ready to begin your new adventure till the next time you fly.

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