How to stay healthy during your travels

How to stay healthy during your travels

How to stay healthy during your travels


It is all about staying healthy during travel because it is a bad idea to just eat your way through while you’re traveling. It is all about eating in a whole new way in your travels. You do not want to return home with the excess baggage. Continue reading to know How to stay healthy during your travels.

Visualisation techniques about what you would eat and practicing those rituals on your travels will let you keep your weight on check and health on track. It is also about focusing on the non-food elements more rather than on foodie elements to avoid the binge and bulge.

How to stay healthy during your travels

You can start eating light for a week before you leave as that would ensure you look great in your travel photographs and snapshots. Eating goes out of balance during travels but it all about eating healthy to stay less stressed out during travels. It is all about planning well in advance when it comes to eating while traveling without missing out on the must-eat specialities of the places you are traveling.

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It is all about eating it light avoiding acids in soda or too much caffeine or too much alcohol and staying away from oil above all. It is not about depriving yourself from the meats and fried and sautéed affairs with dips and dressing accompaniments and all those mouth filling treats but eating them in moderation. You have to listen to your body all the time without feeling dizzy and nauseous.

The key word is “hydration” for staying away from the heat related illness as it can be consequential due to over exposure to sun and walking while traveling. Adequate hydration will only up the quotient of your travel experience. Long flights also leave you dehydrated as air in the airline cabin is not saturated with water and oxygen levels fall as low as 1 percent during long travels. Too much dehydration during long journeys make you not only feel but also looked fatigued and lead to severe headaches and muscle cramps.

Make sure you sip lots of water as you land and order for herbal teas such as green tea or chamomile or iced teas or fruity infusions or mint teas or or avocado smoothie or coconut water melon juices at your hotel room service. It is normal to skip exercise while traveling as we usually tend to think that all that walking from here to there is exercising but setting some time out for exercise is what the best thing you can do while traveling. Walking is always supposed to backed up by light exercise. Also, walk as much as possible.

How to stay healthy during your travels

It is about quick workouts or power exercise on the while. Always keep purified water bottles handy wherever you go and make sure you stop at a local grocery market and stock up on health bars and mint. Keep nuts and fruits handy. Some pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts, cranberries, strawberries, litchis, raisins, etal in portion snack bags or ziplock packs are a constant source of keeping yourself energised Hence should be one of the best ways in How to stay healthy during your travels.

Light snacking curb hunger pangs which would otherwise lead to bingeing due to deprivation that we usually tend to suffer while traveling. You have to make sure you eat what the locals eat if it not too much out of your way. Do not deprive yourself of local delicacies as you can have planned one of each on the menu for the number of days of your stay. Keep the other meals light and wait for the next day.

Plan your nutrition and food intake around local cuisines and pick healthy options for your meals. Eat out at places that have turnover and where you find people are turning up and a bit of research and study online on this information front will help you out in this matter. Also, do not choose for places that are way too much overcrowded and do not ensure hygiene. Book in advance so that you do not have to give up on the specials in the menu and that which is on your eating checklist.

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