How to stay hydrated on your travels

how to stay hydrated on your travels

How to stay hydrated on your travels


Flights can make your skin look dull and tired because air at higher altitudes has less moisture and the air in the cabin is dry and taking care of you skin becomes essential on the move. First and foremost of all, weather conditions and humidity and moisture or the lack of it directly makes your lips dry, dull, chipped and flaky and chapped lips make you look and feel better.

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Applying lip gloss or lip balm or lip butter gives your dead lips a fresh lease of life. Using your cosmetics for lips paired with olive oil and coconut oil with supplement ingredients are an immediate solution for cracked lips making them crack-free leaving them moisturised giving them a glossy and fresh look.

Drinking water throughout your travels makes sure your skin and system stays hydrated. Drink enough water before you board the cabin because it is a great way to counteract and combat parched conditions inside of the flight. Skin is exposed to these desiccated conditions in the long haul journeys especially and that makes it only more pale and rough and takes the sheen of off it.

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It is important to guzzle water continuously throughout travels. The daily ritual of drinking water even on your travels just the way you do it on regular days ensures you have had enough litres of water in your system hence the most top way to stay hydrated in how to stay hydrated on your travels guide.

Traveling by air also involves sitting in the flight throughout for a short haul or for long hours and jet lag is inevitable.

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It is advisable to keep your feet raised on some support and to keep the juices flowing and keeping blood circulation in place. Some foot exercises and light massages while sitting is great too. Wiggle your toes and make circular motions with your arms and feet. Take occasional walks down the aisle. Keep stretching. Try to relax. Ease yourself. Deep breathe.

Keep calm as you sail through over oceans and continents. Eat light meals to ward off hunger pangs. Munch on fruits and healthy salads.  Vitamin E moisturizers and lip butters are a great investment besides the fact that they lock in hydration for the whole entire day.

It is important to look good if not your best upon your arrival and being ready and looking afresh is a prerogative for all you want is taking over your travels as soon as you land in your destination and as you will be meeting new people and would want to feel top notch. A little make-up case that has hydrating cream or lotion instantly tackles the dryness of the air inside the cabin.

A primer, a concealer, a base foundation, mascara and a lip stain of natural tint can instantly amp up your glam factor and accentuate your look in a moment right before you are landing. Blotch some cheek stain in natural tint on your cheeks and smudge on the apple of your cheeks evenly to get an instant glam look.

Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out under the sun. An anti-tan sunscreen always comes to your rescue.

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