How to travel with your dog

How to travel with your dog

Being a pet parent and an evident traveler first needs to figure out whether his/her dog likes to travel. There are pet dogs who love car rides and get motion sickness. If your dog loves car, then take it to traveling and that way you don’t have to worry about your pet staying alone and your dog too can accompany you. If your dog is scared, then figure out why as there could be a number of reasons.

Dogs can also feel sick in the moving car. Give your pet a prescribed medication half an hour before the ride starts.

It could be vet alert for dogs as at times dogs associate the car discomfort or pain. Try to break this by taking your pet out for car ride more often to the park or some open spaces they like being to.


Keep the following points in mind.

Do not feed the dog right before getting into the car. Feed at least an hour before the journey begins. That apart, keep the portion sizes small. The same rule applies to water.

Take your pet for a good walk before you make the pet sit in the car. It would make the pet tired making sure it sleeps like a baby in the car. Too much unspent energy results in restlessness.

Make travel bag for your pet. Keep first aid kit, water, treats, bowl, wet and dry tissues, potty scooper, lint roller and a seat protector.

Do not drive too fast. Slow down for speed breakers.

Do not let the pet hang out of the window even of the pet likes it as it is dangerous.

Take a break every half an hour or take your dog out for a walk if you’re traveling long distances so that the pet gets a chance to pee or poop. Keep your pet hydrated and resume the drive.

Ideally have someone on the passenger seat to hold the pet if you own a small sized pet as they tend to move about in the car. There is a great probability that they come too close to the gears or the controls of the car.

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  1. Our pup would love to travel more and we plan on doing so when our children have aged a few more years as I’m not up tackling a pooch and toddle on the same trip. We do take him for occasional car rides and he loves them. So I think we are safe on car sickness. We just have to work with him to curb his enthusiasm of meeting new people.

  2. We’ve only taken a few longer car journey’s with our pups. One of our pups seems to get car anxiety pretty badly so we spoke with our vet and he suggested a tab or two of Benadryl to take the edge off of her nerves while we’ve traveled.

  3. Aww these are absolutely fabulous tips for traveling with our fur babies!! I could never travel without ours!

  4. These are great tips! You’re right that not every dog likes to travel, my dogs previously used to come on family holidays and it made for the most memerable childhood. My sisters dog on the other hand did have terrible travel sickness!

  5. Elizabeth O : June 3, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    This is such a great post! You provided some really awesome tips for travelling with a pooch. I know it can be hard as some pets really dislike travelling.

  6. Great tips! I’ve had a little of both, pets who love the car and do great, and pets that get nervous and often get sick! The former is definitely preferable! haha!

  7. These are really great tips! I know it can be difficult for dogs who hate car rides.

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