How travel apps can change the way you travel

How travel apps can change the way you travel

How travel apps can change the way you travel


T ravel is at your fingertips as your are rounded up a selection of apps in your smart phones and with the right apps you know how travel apps can change the way you travel. A seasoned traveller has an exhaustive list of the pain points of traveling from booking tickets to web check-ins to booking cabs to finding ATMs and places to eat at. Travel apps provide all these and a lot more. Travel is like your eternal travel manager that gives solutions to your travel queries at one go. Travel apps work efficiently in the manner that you can be reminded about your upcoming thing in your to do list while you are on the move as they bring everything at your service hands-on.

how travel apps can change the way you travel                                                                  Image Credits : BusinessofApps

Travel apps also prompt for web check-ins ahead of time and keep you updated about your flight status. In a new city which is obviously unknown without the service of travel guides and the knowledge of the local language these apps have the nearby channels and can help you find your way around the city by suggesting nearby locations and are at your service for about anything you might want which can be ATMs, chemists, restaurants and even free Wifi spots.

Travel apps also come completely free of cost and get your work done with just a message like your very own travel personal assistant. Travel apps are all about able to maximize the experience in the limited time that we have while we traveling. Travel as an experience is incomplete if some or the other aspect is missed or left unexplored. It needs the right kind of planning and understanding of the places you have in your mind you want to visit. All you need to do is to install it and use it in terms of your preferences in terms of things you want to do.

Travel apps make the entire experience of travel less of a hassle and irritating inconvenience with the expertise of handpicked guidelines and this is how travel apps can change the way you travel.

There is a noticeable rise in the number of travelers using travel apps fueled by affordable airfares, homestays and hotel rooms as rapidly growing segments besides ease of booking combined with enhanced technology and mobile commerce delivering a seamless travel booking experience via mobile interfaces.

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  1. Do you have any favorite travel apps that you use on a regular basis? I’d love to know what they are. I always struggle to find ones that work all over the world, especially here in Africa

  2. Thank you for these tips, but would like to know what your favorites are! I have been traveling more frequently, and could probably use some reliable ones!

  3. I have in the past used travel apps and you are right they are like your own personal travel assistant. My favorite is Travelolicity.

  4. I love travel apps! I always get the app of whatever airline I’m traveling with. I love being able to check in online, and change my seat or upgrade right from my phone if I choose to. It’s so convenient!

  5. I travel a lot and I can’t even think of how hard it used to be in the past, when there were no apps, just maps. There are apps that store all your travel bookings, all your tickets and even tell you what to pack for certain destinations!

  6. I am constantly amazed at how much technology has helped with daily life. How much it can be a part of every thing we do. These are great apps to consider!

  7. Its a great idea to use apps! I’d never really considered it before but I will have to start using them as I commute to work – you gave m e a great idea to make my life a little easier!

  8. We don’t travel often, but when we did, I would have been thankful for an app like this. At the time, that didn’t exist.

  9. They sound very useful! They would be great in a country you dont know.

  10. Technology has really made traveling so much easier to connect and get the resources you need faster!


  11. My dad has one that he’s obsessed with – it lets him track any flights that I’m on so that he knows if I’ve landed safely.

    I’m not sure if it’s the same in other cities, but a lot of taxi companies have their own apps in Belfast which makes booking taxis and getting around the city a lot easier. Other than those, I’ve never really used travel apps myself but I would be willing to give them a go if you can recommend any in particular?

  12. I really into travel that’s why I’m always looking for travel apps that can help me with my trip.I use Airbnb for my Hotel room booking. This apps offer lower coast hotel rooms. But I want something that can offer all in one package like airfare, rooms and even country tour. Are there any suggestions?

  13. This is such a good reminder to help travelers, I have not traveled for a while now. but will surely have it at the back of my mind to get travel apps that would make the journey easier.

  14. I don’t usually use apps and I never really thought of using any. Do you have any apps you can recommend for travel?

  15. I love travel apps, too! I was able to enjoy some free shopping coupons when I installed this Korean travel app. 🙂

  16. Shubhada Bhide : November 14, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    We always wanted things that make life easier. Technology really does a big help to us, like this travel app that will make our travel easier. Looking forward to using this great app.

  17. What are some of your favorite travel apps? I do use and such but they aren’t anything different from the website.

  18. I don’t use travel apps much. Now I know I’m missing out! What is the best travel app you would suggest?

  19. Travel apps are look a personal travel assistant. I have used some in the past but had to remove them from my phone to clear some space ahah

  20. Rebecca Swenor : November 14, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    Travel apps can indeed make life easier for so many people that travel. Travel Dejavu is something I will have to share with my sister who travels a lot. Using an app like this is preparing ahead and that is what makes your experience better. Thanks for sharing the information.

  21. I never thought or heard about the travel apps but it indeed sounds so good. I am glad it reminds you of your upcoming thing on your to-do list while you are on the move, keeps you ahead of everything.

  22. This is a really helpful post. I have never thought about using travel apps before but they seem so useful!

  23. Travel apps come super handy when in a new country/place you have never been. Is there any specific app that you recommend?

  24. I have actually never used a travel app or thought of using one. They seem like they would be very helpful in a new country and I think i will give them a shot on my next trip.

  25. I love that there is so many apps that can help. We have so much traveling over the next couple months that I will probably use a few apps to keep organized.

  26. I have never used a travel app before except for the Airlines App that I only download when I am traveling. I would love to read a post soon about your suggested Travel Apps.

  27. Travel apps are such a big help and it makes our travel easier. In fact, I am looking for more travel app that offers a lot of discounts and offers a whole package. I have tried Airbnb and it’s so awesome.

  28. I really love to check and look for a travel app that will help me to find the right rate, give a complete package and discount. I’ve tried Airbnb and I am looking for other travel apps.

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