Common language barriers travel folks face as foreigners in other countries

Common language barriers travel folks face as foreigners in other countries

Homographs and homophones in definite terms have different propositions and therefore these False Friends can land you in a soup while travelling for English words can sound like one in another language but they would have a completely different origin and lexicon or more so a completely different meaning. Such words would not only stop to the point where you might feel embarrassed but it can definitely land you into trouble depending who you are dealing with as you would definitely not want your Instagram worthy vacation to turn into a nightmare with these potentially confusing words. The ecosystem of languages have the de facto standard to the places and people they belong to and hence messing with them would be nothing like but messing with your own life. It is certainly about mnemonics.

Kiss is not a thing but it is the thing of life. In fact it is the way of life and no one would want to wonder what life would have been without kissing. Well in Sweden a very close namesake is “Kissa” which means “to Pee”. So never kiss before the Swedish because it is Kyss. The word for restroom would be toalett.

Lull can be such a relaxing word sans anaesthesia and indicates a little break from the scheme of the daily grind of things but if you use that word in the Netherlands you might be mistaken by the Dutch about mentioning about penis for the Dutch word that comes up close is lul. Dutch word for lull can be wiegen or pause.

Language barriers in other countries as a traveler
Who does not like gifts? Well gifting and getting gifted does change it all but the Germans does like gift as that means poison and they would certainly get turned off or would turn you off for your gift as the word for it is geschenk.

If you are amongst your Spanish amigos never say ever the word embarrassed for it has an alias which sounds quite similar embarazada which means pregnant unless you really are in true sense for you can be in a really awkward position. The word for embarrassed is avergonzado.

Unless you want to be the butt of the jokes never say super-duper to express something that has taken you over the moon for in Polish Dupa means butt for it really sounds offensive to anyone to know that they have a super butt as super means the same but dupa will trip you up.

If it is your payday and you are excited about the pay check that happens to get credited in your account while you are on a Portuguese sojourn you do not have to shout it from the rooftops for the word that is the deal breaker here is peidei which means “I farted” while the actual phrase that goes with payday is dia do pagamento.

Language barriers in other countries as a traveler
Peach is definitely not the word for the Turkish for it definitely does not make them feel peachy. Peach is pic in Turkish and that means one of the most belligerent and invasive slangs since the beginning of time and that is “bastard”. You should never ask for peaches in the Turkish markets even if you might be craving for the fresh and blowzy artisanal produce as the right word for it is seftali.

Pets are adorable and they make our lives believable and make us feel special about us but in French and Catalan lingo pet means to fart and the correct usage should be animal domestic and animal de compagnie in Catalan and French respectively.

Who does not want to be hailed as the coolest in the room? But not in French because the word is cul which means ass or butt and one would definitely not want to be an ass in the room. Cool does mean the same thing in French barring the Francophone areas and so to avoid confusion you can always replace cool with excellent and if you want to go for the word that means exactly cool in French then it has to be frais or froid.

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French women can be quite a looker without any doubt or second thoughts for that matter with the best facial features but flattering them for their face can have you get awarded a response not as unpleasant as the word means in French. Fesse which sounds similar to face means buttock. The French word for face should be visage.

Preservative literally translates to condom in French and Russian which are spelled as preservative and prezervativ respectively and it certainly does not have to do with food unless they mean flavoured condoms. The French word is conservateur and the Russian word stands konservant. So do not talk about preservatives unless you really want to.

Language barriers in other countries as a traveler
Beet can be appetizing and have a high nutrition value but not in French innuendo as Beet literally has onomatopoeia with bite which literally and figuratively means penis in French. The word for beet would be betterave. Beat is battre in French which means rhyming in the musical context.

Salsa is Latin American sauce or the dance type but while in South Korea if you ask for it you might be taken for having the summer complaint of flux of runs which is spelled as seolsa.

Language barriers in other countries as a traveler

Living like a local is a rage amongst the millennial travellers but speaking local language is always not that easy. It is essential to grasp the on the basics now before you heat out for your next trip. Some language learning apps relating to travel offers the language learning in the most simplistic way of conversational language.

The next time you pick up activities like cycling, dancing or hiking you might have to be get conversant with the alibi or namesakes such as ciclismo, baile or senderismo respectively for unlimited exchanges. So build up your travel vocabulary right now and be the ultimate native language virtuoso.

You might speak as well as if not better than the native.

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