Last-chance travel: the Climate Change travel trend

Last-chance travel the Climate Change travel trend

Some of the most sought after destinations and hotspots are undergoing major ecological changes like extreme temperatures, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and massive forest fires. Travelers are in a hurry to explore them before they become off-limits. The icefields and glaciers of the Arctic are melting and the Great Barrier Reef is getting rampantly bleached and dying.

Travelers want to see places that may no soon longer be existing and might get wiped off from the face of planet earth. Some of the most prominent places that top the last-chance list are Venice, Glacier National Park, Dead Sea, Montana, Maldives and Alaska amongst many others. Climate Change isn’t the only spurring factor considering surge in other factors like Globalization and Wanderlust worldwide is changing indigenous backgrounds. There is a FOMO among Millennials to see the places before drastic changes fully take a stronghold and change the entire landscaping. In the recent past the limestone arch on the Dwejra Bay on Gozo, an island in the Maltese Archipelago was collapsed and fallen off even with the stacks gone after a powerful storm.

Safe travels! God Spend.

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