Latest food trends in the food circuit around the world

Global Cuisine has a varied repertoire is replete with many star additions and spins as it focuses on different palates of the feast. Global Cuisine is the need of the hour and Global travelers are open to experimentation and trying out new thing. So taking the culinary experiments further, there will be significant changes in the culinary choices and fixings of the travelers. Gluten free and health foods are on the top of the charts. Fusion foods with a healthy twist are Next Gen goods. Sugar free and diet desserts are set to impress. Fusion dishes will be the flavour of the year. Latin American, Moroccan and Lebanese flavours are on the top of the taste buds of the travelers. Middle Eastern fare is set to go main stream in the coming year with Shakshuka gaining popularity with traditional spices such as harissa, za’atar et al.

Black food is all the new rage with black color on the food platters. Black foods are all about charcoal ice creams, black or carbon Casablanca waffle, black burgers and much more. Black food is the new trend for culinary enthusiasts as the trend for all things black in food is growing. Chefs are experimenting with various ingredients to present a black dish creatively. Cafe and street food joints around the world are coming up with fun versions of black food items on their menus. Chefs are using all possible ingredients from activated charcoal, sesame seeds and coconut ash to black garlic, black rice and squid ink to get the perfect jet black color. Black foods are perfectly safe for consumption.

Global foodies get experimental posting pictures of black foods on Instagram. Black color is infused in food items like chips, burgers, pasta, risotto, hot dogs, bagels and ice creams. Black ice cram freak shake and black cones are totally Instaworthy. Black food fad is an experiment that turned out just right.

Thai fusion burger is the hottest food fad right now with the fusion of two of the most culinary favorites American fast food and Thai cuisine. Thai fusion burger has gained popularity after Ramen and Sushi burgers. Millennials are raving about Thai burgers on social media and Instagram. It has variations such as Khao Suey Cowboy loaded with a meat patty prepared in Khao Suey gravy, crispy egg noodles and mustard pickle. The other versions are lamb or pork patty stuffed inside a rice bun and a pad kaprao burger that has spicy Thai sauce, fried basil and Eggs Benedict. The veggie version of Thai fusion burger is stir fried veggies packed in a tasty patty marinated in Thai sauce inside a noodle or rice bun for the perfect bite. Thai fusion burgers pack a treat with raw papaya salad, fries, sauerkraut and sauces as side dishes.

Global Cuisine gestures towards more healing, natural and flavourful approaches to food. It is more important to know about regional and local sensibilities about food than ever before. Eating cleaner and healthier dominated and a new greasy wave is taking over.

Japanese Dude Food has ultra-calorific versions of traditional Japanese meals is set to be one of the biggest restaurant trends this year. Japanese food is deep fried smothered in gooey melted cheese and ‘freakshake’ loaded with doughnuts, brownies, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The photos have taken over Instagram.

The style of eating is inspired by Japanese Izakaya bars which are casual diners in japan that serve cheap and yet hearty meals that feature a lot of deep-fried goodies. “Dude Food” is the type of food that could be typically associated with casual night out with “bros” or late night screenings. Dude Food trend is a comfort fare with restaurants offering various renditions.

The Asian appetizers egg rolls still rule the roost.

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Fine Dining cafes are all about concept cafes that restaurateurs are going to do the fine plating in a café setting. Traveling restaurants are going to go big with top chefs and restaurants traveling across the globe with pop ups in the various parts of the world.

Cowshed chomp is milk and cheese making and tasting tours. It involves making cheese from scratch right from milking process in the milk farm and give a helping hand at cheese making right in front of you be it pecorino or gruyere.

Food is getting the twist of gut feeling. The focus of the feast is increasingly becoming gut friendly with fermented food products going big in the appetisers, starters, main course as condiments. Chefs are dishing out an array of fermented dishes with different spins in yoghurt, salsa, hummus chipotle, tacos and falafel wraps.

Non-alcoholic mocktails and liqueurs are the next big thing as travelers want to try out the alcohol free route. Fresh fruit punches, condensed fruits with ice cubes and sugar free fizzy drinks and bubbly are becoming the norm. Aerated fruity flavoured drinks and fruity sodas are out for experimentation. Craft sodas are aerated drinks prepared using organic fruits and natural ingredients.

Travel Hedonists are going all out with Drynuary which is the latest global fad simply means Dry January. After a long spell of carousing, people are opting to usher in the New Year by staying off the booze for the first month of the year.

Farm to Table is no longer eating the organic produce in restaurants but in the perfect ambience. It is evolved into a more advanced approach. It is all about plucking your own veggies at a farm and preparing and cooking impromptu dishes with the chef. It is food tours to the farms in the suburban areas or a farm turned resort.

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Truffles are making a big presence in the global menu around the world because of the rarity of it and the texture that it provides to the dish. Truffle shavings can up the ante of any dish from pasta, lasagne and ravioli to egg dishes. Truffle butter is used instead of the traditional butter in addition to olive oil. Truffles also make the dish looking artfully creative.

Edible gold and gold leaf is taking the food scene a notch higher than ever before with chocolate balls, cupcakes, mousse, pudding, ganache, et alia and others sprinkled with gold dust. Glitter drinks and desserts caught the attention of the world when an Australian Coffee chain started with a glitter Cappuccino and it suddenly became the rage overnight.

Instagram is filled with foods, bakes, desserts and teas with edible flowers on roasted veggies and edible roots and stems.

Super Coffee is much more than the regular Cuppa Joe or Jane and is getting healthier twist with healthier ingredients. Bulletproof Coffee is coffee combined with butter, Mushroom coffee and Nitro-cold brew is creamy and frothy nitrogen-infused coffee and non-acidic properties. Caffeine is kicking back with a pick-me-up and ‘take me high’ with decaf options too.

Teas are going places with Himalayan Earl Tea, Matcha and Blooming Tea being the most popular among the teas. Tea based drinks are only getting evolved with flavours and infusions.

Veggie steaks are like spring on your plate with seasonings. Millennials are going vegan and vegetarian and vegan steaks are a kinder approach to barbeque. Eggplant, corn, Aubergine, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauli Flower, carrots, bell peppers, zucchini, tofu, mushroom. Vegetarian steaks are about all things green in the grilled and steak form. Vegetarian hotdogs are dished out by master chefs.

Sugar free diets are on the rise as Millennials are going all out with Diet Dessert. Desserts are becoming healthier with super seed flours, cream cheeses and alternative sweeteners for the sweet touch. Natural syrups rather than artificial sweeteners are used for sweetening with the likes of maple, honey, date palm, water melons, peaches and oranges used extensively.

Vegan Desserts are dominating the menus minus the dairy and with healthy options like fruits, syrups and corn starches. Some of the staples are vegan banana chocolate pudding, sweet potato pie, chocolate cookies sans dairy and poultry, lime cheesecakes and gelato ice creams.

Grain Bowls will be big in addition to Noodle based Ramen Bowl and Buddha Bowl that are going huge. Grain Bowls are composed of grains like quinoa, barley, oat and others with fresh produce and veggies, cured meats with dressings and seasonings.

Soup jars are going viral. Juicing and Souping will dominate the culinary scene. Smoothies, detox juices, pureed soups and infused waters are popular with different palates for the feeling to have more. Soup cleanse and soup detox is already touted as the next big thing because of the nutrition factor.

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