Los Angeles – The Global city of the city of Angels

los angeles city of angels california travel dejavu

Los Angeles: relax, beach life and ideal climate

Ihad no great expectations from Los Angeles, because some friends who  were there told me it wasn’t worth a visit  : “there is nothing to see, too much mess, you can just  skip it  ..”

We enjoyed it so much instead !

los angeles city of angels travel dejavu
In fact you will not find the usual beauty that Europeans expect to find in a city but you breathe an air  of complete relaxation: the beach life, the perfect climate, the endless beaches, the ocean sunset, the  palm trees ,  the restaurants and shops make  Los Angeles  a fantastic destination !

We stayed in an Airbnb, perfectly  run  by Michel and Vincent in Firefox near West Hollywood
We had a great time! The area is very nice, quiet and close to The Groove, an outdoor mall which is the temple for those who love shopping and the Farmers market
, where you can find countless stalls with local products and all kinds of  street food , from Italian to Japanese from Brazilian to the  typical food of New Orleans. 

Still on the subject of food… we have been twice very satisfied customers at the Cheesecake Factory:  despite its name, you can eat  not only excellent sweets but also other delicious dishes including burgers, sandwiches of all kinds, tasty salads, meat dishes and fish. Everything  at affordable prices.

venice los angeles california travel dejavu
Santa Monica and Venice Beach are exactly what you expect from  the typical  California beach that you see on TV: the long expanse of sand, lifeguards in red uniforms , young men and women who show off  while  exercising at the Muscle Beach.  Rent a bike and take the bike path that connects Santa Monica to Venice Beach with palm trees to act as a side dish.

santa monica pier 66 los angeles california travel dejavu
Take a picture of the sign marking the end of Route 66  which  stands on Santa Monica pier :  it makes you think about the length of the mythical road which starts in Chicago. Walking in Rodeo Drive made me feel like performing on Pretty Woman set! Unfortunately I didn’t have so  much money to spend in the shops!:-( 

The view of the city from the Griffith Observatory is unmatched. I recommend you go  at sunset and stay until the complete setting of the sun so that you can  enjoy all the color changes of the sky and the boundless expanse of lights that slowly light up on  the arrival of the evening.  Consider a 20 minute  walk because you can’t easily find a  parking space  near the observatory. (I am referring  to  the weekend when we were there, I do not know whether it is the same on weekdays)

griffith observatory los angeles california travel dejavu

In this case we used a rental car because we came from the tour in the national parks. It is very easy to drive to LA, we had no problems, but as I said the parking spaces are not so easy to find and timing park ticket lasts only 1 or 2 hours.

What would you like to do in Los Angeles? If you’ve spent time there, what are your suggestions?

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Barbara Cerati

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  1. We are planning to drive the entire Route 66 from Chicago to LA in the fall so your post is getting me revved up! I’m putting Griffith Observatory on our list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I lived in LA for 12 years and to be very honest, hated 90% of it. I moved away as soon as I graduated college. It’s always interesting to see what other people think of the place. Looks like you had a good time!

  3. It was the same experience for us, I had no expectation of LA but we loved it instead!! Such a cool vibe in this place… You did a few more things so I’m definitely adding the observatory and route 66 on the list of things to do next time!

  4. Love your post on LA. We live and work in LA, so I always enjoy seeing how others see the city. There are so many fun things to do and see.

  5. I loooove this place, just by taking a look at your pics!
    I wish I could see more of them… where can I see the rest? 🙂

  6. I think that LA works very well for first time visitors that grown up watching tv series about it… 🙂 I also liked my first time there very much… I loved the idea of biking by the beach!

  7. The view from the observatory is so cool! LA is on my bucket list so I’ll have to check out your suggestions when I go!

  8. I haven’t been to Los Angeles yet but it’s I think this is a wonderful write up.

  9. I’m visiting California in April and am so excited! We’re seeing San Francisco & Napa Valley, and I have a feeling that I won’t want to come home to Boston!

  10. I have traveled around California, but surprisingly never to LA exactly. I was just thinking the other day I would love to take a road trip back to California. Thanks for the post.

  11. Loved your article. A lot of people are jaded with LA and you could see with with fresh eyes. “It’s not hard to drive in LA” might not be entirely accurate the story is the same. There are cool spots to be found and fun to be had. If you went Pretty Lady on Rodeo Drive I am surprised you didn’t go Rebel Without a Cause for Griffin Park. Perhaps that dates me…

    On the subject of Griffin Park. Did you know that Griffin Park stays open late for full moons. Of course, parking is still a pain.

    Also, if you’re looking for the great American road trip you should look into the LA to San Fransisco loop. You can go interior and visit Sequoia and Yosemite, turn at Napa and take PCH1 back down the coast.

  12. Such a great read about the City of Angels and I felt that you really had fun and enjoyed in spite of some discouraging you to visit the place. How I wish to witness the sunset from the observatory and walk around the stalls of products locally produced. Thanks for sharing the beautiful spots of LA.

  13. So cool, very well written and from my perspective exactly the important and most beautiful spots that you mention here! We have been to L.A. last year and were also fascinated by this huge, diverse and magnificent city. We liked Santa Monica a bit more than Venice, but yeah – the whole area is just great. Griffith Observatory looks and sounds really great, I should have known before about this 🙂

  14. You really captured what makes LA so great. All the beach fun that the city is known for, good food, and the Griffith Observatory. Not only are the views and stargazing great, but you get into the Santa Monica Mountains, which most tourists never explore.

  15. I was in Los Angeles 12 years ago and loved it so much. I can totally relate to your Cheesecake factory and also went twice. They had these massive onion rings that were to die for. I also loved going down Rodeo drive…Just like you though, I didn’t buy anything and just relived my memories of watching Pretty Woman.

  16. I was 14 when I first visited LA and so far is the only time I’ve been there. But I remember I loved it! I loved the beach lifestyle and the shopping and it just seemed like such s cool place! Would love to go back again.

  17. I love LA! I’ve only been a few times but I’ve always enjoyed how different it is from my home on the east coast. Funny how your friends told you that it wasn’t that great. Just proves that you always have to check it out for yourself! I’ve never done a lot of things on this list, like the Griffith Observatory but the view looks amazing! Will definitely have to check it out next time I go 🙂

  18. I would LOVE to visit LA. I love the laid back lifestyle, the farmers markets and of course, the beaches. I travel to experience a place more so than to see the sights. It seems like you went there with that attitude too and that’s why you enjoyed it so much. I think it’d be a cool place to live actually.

  19. What an icon this city is! That first photo of the pier with the beach and the ferris wheel seems to encapsulate what everyone envisions LA to be. Your photos are beautifully captured!

  20. This is a great overview of LA, we’ve been there a couple times on short trips but there’s a few new things from this blog that I’d like to do on our next visit to LA! Thanks for sharing!

  21. It is apparent you had a sunny, summery escape! 🙂 I can relate how you said you enjoyed LA when others told you it isn’t as enjoyable. That’s the good thing with Traveling, I guess. It debunks most common perceptions, and you get to create your own experience 🙂

  22. I love reading a good post on L.A. I grew up about an hour away from Los Angeles and you’re pretty spot on with how it is. I do think it sometimes tourists have a different view of what they are going to get when they visit there. It is nice to hear that you did enjoy it and seems like you were open to seeing the lifestyle people have created there. So glad you visited Venice Beach. So much diversity and interesting folks to see there. =]

  23. Very nice article. We especially enjoyed the pictures. Never knew that route 66 ran all the way to the coast.

  24. Dunno if I would enjoy LA that much as I am not much of a city girl… Sounds cool though, and I believe I can’t say I don’t like it until I go there 🙂

  25. Absolutely true!;-)

  26. I’ve always been on the fence about visiting LA. I think seeing the Hollywood sign is my “must-see” spot though if/when I visit. And of course the beaches!

  27. I hope you can go very soon!!!!:-)

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