Micro traveling: The New age Minimalistic travel concept

Micro traveling New age Minimalistic travel concept

Micro traveling New age Minimalistic travel concept

It is the travel trend slowly and steadily catching up in this year. It is all about replacing do-it-all itineraries with something focused, detailed, breathable, one destination and above all experimental. Millennnials have definitely taken up to micro traveling where they no more believe in ticking places off the bucket list and instead having a travel experience that is controlled, seamless and relevant to their travel preferences.

It is about moving away from the extremely rushed lives and settling for something more relaxing, adaptable and relatable. It is about immersing in the travel experience and living it in a more evolved manner instead of taking a quick weekend getaway which was all the more popular only about a year ago. It is about soaking it up and living it up with the travel.

Micro traveling is all about being individualistic. Travelers want to know it all about the place they stay and they do so with locals. They are in to get into the micro experience with tasting local flavors.

Travel is also replete with micro restaurants and micro cuisines which is proving to be a game changer. These eateries on the move have a niche clientele with selected sitting area and customised menu with prior bookings. It is all about no wastage and no extravagance. These restaurants are mushrooming all over the world. Japan and Toronto are the hotspots for micro cuisines.

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Chefs and bartenders come together and bring out fixed menus for a known number of diners. It is also about cost cutting and energy saving which is usually not the case with the over stocked ala carte restaurants. It is about best usage of the space with the kitchen making the same thing for everyone.

These cosy spaces usually have a setting with cushioned stools and counter tops with an open kitchen with countable number of dishes and drinks with the chef being the main guy rustling up it all and cooking up a storm from taking orders to prepping to cooking to plating to pouring to serving to networking. It is also about having a section listing at homestays and tucking in some home cooked food.It is also about not piling up on holiday pounds and instead focusing on shedding them.

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