Most popular ways to travel in Brussels

Most popular ways to travel in Brussels

Brussels is high on chocolates and fermented beers. It is a haven for sugar rush and syrups. Brussels is nonetheless becoming a hub for street art and all things gastronomical.

The Grote Markt square is in the middle of the city surrounded by an eclectic mix of architectural masterpieces. The Grand Palace is an imposing piece of architectural work and is a quintessential architectural jewel.

The alleyways are replete with local pubs and chocolatiers who are making for over a century with sweetmeats on offer. The back lanes have bakers that create giant cookies and the local drinking holes contain stocks over 3,200 kinds of beer. Local musicians organize impromptu jamming sessions.

Brussels is the perfect place for walking around with some of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. Brussels is a visual treat for art lovers. Live painters and sculptors paint for ready buyers as a token of souvenir. Brussels is filled with art galleries with curators and artists in the areas between the art hubs of Paris, London and Berlin.

Brussels is for the classic comics and cartoons inspiring satirists and caricaturists. Brussels has more comic strip artists per square kilometer than any other place in the world. Georges Prosper Remi from Brussels is the creator of the iconic character Tintin. The city of Brussels has wall artworks depicting the adventures of Tintin and Snowy dedicated to the artist better known by his pen name Hergé. A museum housed in the Waucquez Warehouse is dedicated to the comic strip is a masterpiece designed by the Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta with over 5,000 original drawings and an entire podium dedicated to Tintin.

The city of Brussels has a landmark creation called the Atomium is nothing less than a modern marvel. The installation has nine interconnected stainless steel spheres and is very much depicting of the new age Brussels. This shiny structure is a technological wonder in itself.

The city center of Brussels is filled with historic architecture with tunnels running all over. The flea market in the Old Town is a treasure trove of artefacts. Some of the must buy vintage souvenirs are crockery, vinyl records, ancient photography equipment, et al.

Brussels has the lightest waffles on offer. Some of the must try fares are traditional French Fries served in conical cups and super light Belgian waffles. Brussels has fine restaurants serving all kinds of meats and seafood platters.

Some of the must visits include Restobières which is a family run joint which appears like an antique collector’s edition from inside. A la Mort Subite is a 90-year old local tavern and the place has retained its originality since 1928. Chez Leon is a 125 year old diner since both Great World Wars and the best mussels on offer in town.

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