Must eat Filipino foods from Philippines

Must eat Filipino foods from Philippines

Must eat Filipino foods from Philippines


The Philippines has a diverse a diverse culinary culture and is a far flung melting pot when it comes to its food with its 7,200 islands. The Philippines is the world’s largest coconut producing nation. Raw seafood is preferable in this island nation. Bulacan chefs have it their own way with multiple variations in various dishes that belong to this place.

Rice is often cooked in turmeric. Ilocos rely on rice and vegetables and are a bit easy with meat and use it sparingly. Cassava cakes and caramelised bananas, coconut milk shake, boiled corn, Tablea tsokolate which is hot chocolate and deep fried potato wafers with barbeque sauce are a must try.

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Coconut Cream is used as a staple in many preparations known as gata. Filipino cuisines have a flare and a personality of their own. Mindanao, Bico, Visayas, Palawan and Baywalk are food hotspots of this island nation. The Baywalk on Manila Bay is the hotspot for some most unusual food with the likes of pig blood which is sold in the variants of soup, stew or sautéed into pig blood pudding.

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There are a variety of meats with the likes of crocodile, monkey and monitor lizard sold here. Balut is quail eggs with embryo daubed with vinegar with a dash of salt and is a must eat.

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Relleno and galantine are stuffed chicken rolls. Estofado is a pork leg preparation. Asado is pot roast. Kare Kare is oxtail stewed in peanut sauce.


It is a milk serving with dollops of ice-cream, shaved ice, leche flan, gulaman, ube, banana, kaong, garbanzos and beans.


It is a tamarind based heavy soup.


It is a slim bar of dried seaweed and algae.

Fish Tinola

It is a fish preparation cooked over coco-lumber firewood. It is basically a fish broth with tamarind juice, onions and tomatoes.


It is meat preparation usually chicken and pork made with vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper and soy sauce.


It is a rice preparation. It is basically a rice cake made of rice and coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

Bicol Express
It is a fine stew made with pork meat, coconut milk, long chillies, shrimp paste, stockfish, onion and garlic.


It is a preparation made with coconut cream with a hit of chilli pepper.


It is whole pig spit roasted and stuffed with star anise, pepper, lemongrass, laurel leaves, spring onions and served with liver sauce.

Lumpiang ubod

It is translated as heart of palm and is served with puffy crepes.


It is a vegetable dish with tomatoes, aubergines, bittermelon, okra, squash and lima beans and are bound with a salty and pungent sauce made from fermented fish or shrimp also called bagoong.


It is usually a starter dish or an appetiser and is usually a preparation of either pork or crocodile. It is made with pork’s cheeks, head and liver.

Chicken inasal

It is a grilled chicken dish. It is marinated in lemongrass, calamansi, salt, pepper and garlic. It is then brushed with achuete annatto seeds.


It is made with brown sugar syrup stirred into soya bean custard and topped with sago pearls.

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