Must follow travel beauty regimen

Must follow travel beauty regimen

Must follow travel beauty regimen


Travel can play havoc on your skin and hair, if not kept under check. It is important to have a quick overall cleanse for your body to make your skin automatically glow on the go. Not to mention, the chances of air and pollen allergens depending on the place you are traveling to are difficult to adapt instantly making you look sluggish and tired. Use a cream with anti-allergic properties is an effective remedy.

Drink tons of water. Keep your skin hydrated all the time. Use a sunblock. Moisturize your skin regularly. Keep Vitamin E and Omega 3 supplements handy for a glowing skin and not letting your skin dry. Inculcate healthy eating on the go.

Travel beauty hacks you must follow

It is very important to look good on the go. An ideal travel kit should have face cleanser and toner, skin and hair serum, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, BB cream, razor, tinted lip balm and lipsticks, dual pencil with kohl and eyeliner, cleansing wipes, fragrances and deodorants for a perfect travel beauty regime.

Must follow travel beauty regimen

Keep a hydrating mist for face and hair handy to avoid getting your skin sore and tresses frizzy. Keep spritzing on face and hair every two hours. Make sure you carry a face and body cream rich in ceramides because too much air and windy weather make the skin dry and patchy. Invest in a sunblock with more SPF.

A creamy hair conditioner keeps your hair strands soft. Pack a silicone based sun screen to combat sweat or greasy skin. Keep a dry shampoo to use it as a quick fix on days you are too pressed and packed to wash your hair. For hair, a gentle and mild shampoo and hair conditioner should be light. A skin serum application at night is great for all climate zones to repair skin damage as it revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.

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