Must see travel attractions in the sin city of Las Vegas

Must see travel attractions in the sin city of Las Vegas

The sin city of Las Vegas is about the ‘gentleman’s clubs’ quintessentially known for bachelor’s and bachelorette parties. The downtown area Las Vegas and the Vegas strip are a traveler’s delight.

Las Vegas has a lot on offer for the adventurer souls as one can take supercar beauties like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini or a Mercedes for a spin on an actual racetrack just outside the city. One can even hire a whopper of a chopper for a champagne breakfast bang in the vistas of the Grand Canyon. One even can just zoom across the skyline across five blocks of downtown Vegas on a zoom line.

Casinos are a part of the identify of Las Vegas and it is a must to tick it off the bucket list. Las Vegas has its iconic city sign. The magic fountains, the Eiffel tower replica, the Bellagio dancing fountains, hotel facades that served as an iconic background for many Hollywood movies, music shows of the Cirque du Soleil with variety shows and revue and La Reve are a major part of the entertainment scene of the city. Legendary musicians held concerts all the year round.

The Sin City of Las Vegas has more on offer than strip clubs, casino chips and gambling. It is a quintessential bachelor party haven though. The Sin City tour is incomplete though without the High Roller Ferries Wheel near the Vegas strip. The buzzing nightlife is the lifeline of the city with supercar racing as an all time favourite sport on the fastest race tracks and canyon roads in Vegas.

You can get your food find and fixes with all the top notch restaurants like Hell’s Kitchen, Nobu, Guy Savoy, Fleur, Lakeside, Scarpetta, Le Cirque and Bavette’s Steakhouse. It is a food lover’s dream destination. The best time to be in Vegas is usually on weekdays. Room rents rise almost three times on weekends. Posh hotels have in-house boutique hotels in the premises which are offered at discounted rate on weekdays as well.

The High Roller Ferris wheel is luxurious as the cabin can be turned into a drinking zone with a bartender and a butler. Vegas nightclubs have terraces overlooking Vegas Strip and performance arenas. The Aria indoor hike offers an indoor fitness walk while knowing about Vegas with some great artwork and window shopping.

A visit to the Fremont street in downtown is a must do with interactive displays at the Mob museum or walking away the promenade in bliss knowing about the establishments that made the city popular as the casinos and gambling destination. The strip houses hotels that are no less than a mini city replete with shopping, eating and entertainment options.

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