Must try cuisines in the Dubai culinary scene

Must try cuisines in the Dubai culinary scene

Dubai culinary scene has influences from Lebanon, Morocco, Africa, Latin America, New Zealand and the UK. Dubai has haute picks and gourmet affairs and the must try is the traditional Emirati cuisine also known as the modern cuisine of the UAE. Traditionally, camel meat was not eaten by Emiratis, but modern chefs in the city are increasingly trying their hand at cooking everything from camel sliders to camel biryani, burgers and stews.

Must try cuisines in the Dubai culinary scene

Some of the must try Dubai fares are Balaleet which are saffron pancakes with vermicelli eaten usually for breakfast, machboos which is a rice, lentil and meat preparation spiced with saffron, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon, meat, spices and veggies stuffed sambosas which are hot pastry appetisers, luqiamat which are deep fried dough balls topped with sesame seeds and drizzled with honey-date syrup. The most popular local version is sambosas stuffed with three types of cheese.

Must try cuisines in the Dubai culinary scene

Dubai is rich in ethnic foods from German doner kebabs to curries to BBQ steaks. Dubai has one of the largest food cultures in the past decade. Dubai is all about combining food influences from around the globe.

The must try meal list has to include the Levantine cuisine. Levantine cuisine known in Arabic as the Bilad ash-Sham or the Land of the North is the true traditional cuisine found in the Levant region spanning the areas of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and Cyprus. Some of the must try are hummus, baba ganoush, dolma, baklava, falafel, ka’ak, kebabs, manakesh and muhammara dips.

Must try cuisines in the Dubai culinary scene

The traditional cuisines of the Middle East in Dubai have some of the best international cuisine restaurants. A visit to some of the Dubai food trucks is a must around the Palm Jumeirah, the beachside or the Downtown Area. Food trucks are modified service models. The spice souks in the old part of the town is a must visit for spices, salts and herbs as souvenirs. Dubai has fresh food markets with seasonal organic veggies, dried fruits, regional cheese, freshly baked bread, exotic raw honey, et al. The traditional bazaars and gourmet grocers across the city from Jumeirah Beach Road to Zabeel Park is a must visit. The country’s organic farmers sell the best locally grown produce around BurjKhalifa.

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