Must-do take-ons in the Old town of Lausanne- Switzerland

Mustdo take-ons old town Lausanne- Switzerland

Mustdo take-ons old town Lausanne- Switzerland

The Old town of Lausanne and the pedestrian streets, the town squares and the pleasantness in the air is ideal for watching the locals and good for the heart against the backdrop of occasional blowing of the ancestral Swiss alphorn. The Old Town of Laussane is in Swiss Riviera style. Here is a complete summary of Mustdo take-ons old town Lausanne- Switzerland. Mustdo take-ons old town Lausanne- Switzerland covers it all and so learn about the activities you should in here. 

Must-do take-ons old town of Lausanne- Switzerland travel dejavu                                                                                Image Credits: myswitzerland . com

The bi-weekly open air farmer’s market of Lausanne, Switzerland at the heart of the city centre is all about fresh produce, cakes, cheese, roundels, spices, bric-a-brac, bread, mushrooms, French macaroons, charcuterie, chain of chocolatiers, baked delights, blooms and blossoms and what not all displayed in baskets, bottles of preserve and plastic buckets. It’s picturesque and non-touristy.

Must-do take-ons old town of Lausanne- Switzerland travel dejavu                                                                                                      Image Credits: swissholidayco . com

Ville Marche happens on Wednesdays and Saturdays on Lausanne pedestrian cobbled stoned streets and its all hustle and bustle. Shopping on Rue de Bourg, central Place de la palud, Place de la Riponne, Rue Madeleine, Rue Saint-Laurent, Rue du Pont, Rue Mercerie, conflate at the square at the touchdown of evangelical and Parish Cathedrals Place St. Francois and Cathedrale de Lausanne amidst the staircase of Escaliers du Marche with a passage to Hotel de Ville and Place de la Louve.

Must-do take-ons old town of Lausanne- Switzerland travel dejavu                                                                                Image Credits : timeout . com

Shopping in a Lausanne flea market is good for the soul as it brings out inner joy and helps you connect with your inner child as you can constantly cast your eyes upon Lake Geneva and the Alps while you shop for goodies and exchange pleasantries with the locals.

Rue De Bourg
This quaint main street of Lausanne is a popular shopping district and rightly a shopper’s delight.

Rue De Bourg Must-do take-ons old town of Lausanne- Switzerland traveldejavu                                                                                                             Image Credits : Bucherer

A long stroll along the streets is an easy walk from the train station as you can gaze at the historical locality with some good old buildings dating back to 17th and 18th century will enchant you alongside a chocolate cake from Blondel which has been around since 18th century.

Place de la palud
The clockwork movement and animated bells of the storytelling mechanical clock to observe on the hour in this medieval market is a crowd puller as it chimes hourly narrating the story of the history of the Canton de Vaud. The enormous fountain with the statue of Justice is the ultimate charmer of the old town of Lausanne. The city hall Hotel (Fontaine de la Justice) de Ville is at the centre of city governance is actually just a replica column. Every Wednesday and Saturday you can shop for fresh artisanal produce.

Must-do take-ons old town of Lausanne- Switzerland                                                                                       Image credits: lausanne . ch

Place de la Riponne
This street is for the lovers of French bakery and patisserie items such as coconut macaroons, baked pizzas, crepes, syrops, local Gruyere, raclette, croissants aux amandes, pains au chocolat and only an infinite options for the food lovers. The Florentine Renaissance style Palais de Rumine is the museum which houses the Universalist ideas of civilisation and way of life.

 Must-do take-ons old town of Lausanne- Switzerland                                                                                  Image Credits : flon . ch

Quartier du Flon district
It is the new centre of Entertainment with a bustling nightlife amidst the innovation setting of recreational spaces and shopping centres, bars, clubs, events all the year round.

Thus is an out-an-out approach to Mustdo take-ons old town Lausanne- Switzerland. Summarize your thoughts on Mustdo take-ons old town Lausanne- Switzerland.

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  1. Lausanne looks like a really beautiful town. I love the old look to the streets. I would most definitely go to the farmer’s market and the shop around the streets. Thanks for sharing this quaint town.

  2. Oh the lovely Switzerland! Thank you for sharing these places. They’ve got a bunch of places for sweet treats! I would gladly go visit this one day!

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  4. Lausanne is an interesting place, I will certainly visit it once

  5. This looks like a beautiful town! So many unique things to see and do!

  6. Lausanne epitomizes the charm of Switzerland. I love the smaller towns and villages of this heavenly country. They have such a unique and old world charm which is so endearing. I have not visited Lausanne but some other small towns of Switzerland and found them enchanting.

  7. Aside from being in such a beautiful location, surrounded by the beauty of Swiss country-side, there is just so much character and charm evident in Lausanne. The fact that you have described it as not touristy is something more that I love aside from the lovely photos. The food sounds like it’s also to die for, so what more excuse does one need to get over there to experience it?

  8. This looks like such a quaint town, and it is soooo stunning. Your pictures are so crisp and clear. Lovely post.

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  12. The town looks enchanting and I definitely wouldn’t mind visiting there and do the items you suggested here. I happen to love pastries so I think Place de la Riponne is for me.

  13. Just been back from Switzerland and didn’t have enough of it. I will plan another trip soon. The best thing about this picture perfect country is the countryside and the small towns. Lausanne is next on my bucket list.

  14. I have been in all countries around Switzerland but never in there, to be honest, don’t know why!! It looks a really beautiful and picturesque village… and you just killed me with this: “cheese, spices, bric-a-brac, bread, mushrooms” So good!!:D 😀 😀

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