New Zealand is the go-to hot spot for tandem travels

new zealand is go-to hot spot for tandem travels

New zealand is go-to hot spot for tandem travels


Tandem Travel is an intercultural experience undertaken with your partner as couples are going the extra mile to feel the rush of putting their adrenaline into trial putting their relationship to test and making the closeness stronger between them. Tandem travels are designed with autonomous themes and ideas and New Zealand is go-to hot spot for tandem travels. Tandem travel activities are ultimate bonding exercises for millennial and post-millennial twosomes. New zealand is go-to hot spot for tandem travels with activities that set up partners in tandem to carry out experimental observations. New Zealand is go-to hot spot for tandem travels as it has brought the latest innovation in travel and packs a creative approach to travel globally.

New Zealand has galore of activities for tandem travel with the likes of bungee Jumping, canoeing, pedalling on tandem bikes, trike rides, et al are some of the tandem activities that has caught the interest of modern day couples.

New Zealand has a vast coastline and sailing is one of the favourite activities with couples. Sailing adventure gets better with a pro yachtsman as you can charter a vessel and embark on your sailing adventures. New Zealand is a promised land for sailors. Sailing in the South Pacific only gets better with hot destinations like bay of Islands and Paihia. You can get hands on by trying your hand aboard at steering the boat under the expert guidance of the boat owner.

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Waiheke Island is the most popular weekend getaway destination and is a short ferry ride from Auckland. The entire island of Waiheke can be explored on a zipline where the couple is harnessed together on parallel lines gliding down the zipline into the wilderness.

New Zealand has a bounty of inland water bodies and lakes with activities like kayaking as your do rowing all by yourselves and jet boating on a high contraption propelling moving boat specifically designed for couples. Kayaking and jet boating destinations are in South Island and North Island in Milford Sound and Bay of Islands respectively.

Hawke’s Bay Region is great for tandem bicycling on a guided or self-guided tour as you pedal along with your partner with the bike of your own choice. Tandem cycling needs a bit of practice as you set the pedal speed and balance it out with your partner.

Napier is the Art Deco hub of New Zealand and the entire city can be explored on a trike ride. A trike is an upgraded bike version but with three wheels and pillion seating for two. Couples explore the best views from these pillion rides and long drives while being seated pillion with their partners.

There are jump sites across the country and the most iconic of them is in the Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown which is commercially popular. You have the liberty to choose the duration and the level of your adventure or if you want water touchdown being the total weight difference between the partners not more than 30 kg. The viewing area of the Kawarau Bridge has a perfect setting.

Tandem travel is the next hot thing as more couples are opting for it.

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