Nomadic travel: Opt for the nomadic lifestyle

Nomadic travel Opt for the nomadic lifestyle

Nomadic travel Opt for the nomadic lifestyle


Traveling to far-off lands to be with the real travellers aka nomads is becoming a popular way of traveling. Travelers are evolving and so are their travel preferences. Travelers want to experience in its purest form and want to have the first-hand experience with an immersive outlook with the nomads by taking in some valuable life lessons by spending a few days in the company and proximity of the survivalists. Continue reading Nomadic travel Opt for the nomadic lifestyle for more.

It is all about taking a sabbatical from the fast paced ways of living for the travellers for making an overland trip and it also goes on for extending periods. It is traveling somewhere distant and unparalleled to the unpredictable charms of nomadic travel. Mongolia, Marrakesh, Sahara, Morocco, Silk Route in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tibet, Peru and Bhutan are nomadic travel hotspots.

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Travelers literally want to travel like ruthless survivalists under the virtuosos of nomadic tribes that double up as guides, drivers, cooks, interpreters and can offer you varied experiences as you sign up or tie up with one of these nomadic travel communities into snow leopard expeditions to fly fishing.

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Nomadic Travel is all about native crafts and activities of cultural relevance. It is all about being prepped up with the various life skills while traveling. It is all about learning how to breed, eat, riding horses and herd in wilderness. It is all about making the most of the nomadic heritage. It has become a matter of general interest for tavelers to observe the interesting, laidback and yet hardworking kind of life of nomads from close quarters.

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Nomadic Travel in Mongolia across the Steppe have local nomadic tribes that expert you in building gers which are traditional camps in Mongolia, milking and shearing camel, sheep, mules and goat, wrangling horses in the stables and horse shacks like the expert nomadic horsemen and rovers and chasing foals with lasso with the herdsmen, driving caravans and perfecting the art of making the traditional Mongolian drink airaag which is made from fermented milk.

is all about indulging yourself in the making of handicrafts and rug making and perfecting horse games. Shirdak is a rectangular rug covered in Kyrgyz designs used like flooring in yurts and is a must have Kyrgyz souvenir. It is also a unique experience to have a stay at traditional yurt dwelling of Kyrgyzstan and living the experience of living life in slow lane. The nomadic pastoralists of Kyrgyzstan teach you the art to balance carpets and blankets across animals’ backs, followed by saddle-bags, stove and butter-tea maker.

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Bhutan hosts Nomads fest in Bumthang and showcases the lives of Bhutanese nomads and Highlanders with elaborate costumes made from yak hair. The Bhutanese showcase their traditional black hat called Brokpa and the Layap headgear. Yak riding is also one of the main highlights of the fest.

Turkmenistan is a nomadic hotspot in Central Asia for camping in the yurts which is a circular domed tent on a collapsible framework traditionally made of felt or skins and quintessentially used by nomadic cultures in Central Asia. Nomadic travelers are making their stay in traditional Mongolian huts in the steppes. Yurts are also popular for nomadic lifestyle while camping in Serengeti amidst baobabs.

Nomadic travel is all about camper’s dessert smores while they are camping.

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Yurts have fabrics covering the wooden lattice structure for ventilation to keep it breathable and weather proof. Yurts are cost effective and best suited for nomadic travel and are cheaper than hotel rooms and rental cabins. You do not need to pitch a yurt. You can just drive or trek down to a pre booked yurt. Yurts can be strategically placed at the spot of your choice and campsites. It is perfect for camping trips. Luxe Yurts are used in glamping because of all the amenities and facilities with equipment like decks, heating, restrooms and private terraces.

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