Offbeat Things to Do in New York

Offbeat Things to Do in New York

New York City has many things to offer someone looking to have a good time. The superfluity of the Big Apple means that there’s something for everyone, no matter what your interests may be. In a previous articlewe featured the top things to do in NYC, which included looking out over the city’s skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge, Christmas shopping at Macy’s, or simply walking around Central Park. However, this article will look beyond those usual tourist activities and feature some of the more offbeat attractions that reflect the city’s authentic culture and history.

What to do

New York is known for its world-renowned museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural History. Yet there is so much more to discover. Thrillist features some of the lesser known museums that are worth exploring. One of those is the Tenement Museum, which recreates the conditions of working-class immigrants living in housing projects back in the late-1800s. Located in the Lower East Side, it allows visitors to become a part of the immigrant story by immersing them in the actual adversities faced by the residents. What better place to learn about this theme than in the city whose success was built on the hard work of migrants?

What to watch

off beat things to do in New york travel dejavu

You haven’t experienced New York if you haven’t watched an immersive theater production. The New York Times describes immersive theater as “shows that spill out of the usual confines…that envelop you, or otherwise turn you into an agent of your own experience.” Immersive theater is a theatrical experience that breaks the typical audience-performer barrier. It allows the spectator to wander around a particular area and have unique moments with the performers, blurring the line of acting and reality. Some of the staple productions you might want to check out are Sleep No MoreThen She Fell, and The Dead.

Where to stay

If you want to switch it up from your usual hotel accommodation, there are few interesting places you might want to consider. One such establishment is The Henry Norman hotel in Brooklyn, which makes you feel like you’re renting a typical Airbnb for a night. This gives visitors a chance to feel like an actual New Yorker without having to buy (or rent) property in the most sought after city in the world. Which is good, because the prices are truly eye watering. A feature by Yoreevo points out that the current average price of a Manhattan apartment is $2 million, making NYC one of the most expensive real estate markets across the globe. This hotel gives you the authentic experience of living the life in New York (with added room service), without actually having to commit to moving there – although we have no doubt that you will certainly dream about it.

Where to eat

The article 9 Unusual And Unique Restaurants You Must Visit In New York shows the wide variety of places to eat that are far from the stuffy fine dining establishments usually associated with the city. One of these is an interactive Japanese restaurant slowly gaining popularity. Ninja New York is an immersive experience that brings its diners down a secret entrance to a recreated ancient Japanese village where ninjas take your order. If you’re lucky, you might even witness them battle while chowing down on the resto’s unique fusion dishes. Burp Castle is another themed restaurant where diners are transported to the monasteries of Belgium. Make sure to keep the noise down while sipping your Duvel however, lest a monk behind the bar starts shushing you for not respecting the monastic atmosphere.

These are just a few picks among the plethora of alternative activities you can choose to experience in New York City. Being a capital of creativity, innovations in the realm of art, food and entertainment will continue to arise. Instead of keeping to the top tourist destinations, going off the beaten track is a rewarding treat for travelers who want to gain a better understanding of the city.

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