Pet friendly travel options and home stays

Pet friendly travel options and home stays

Pet owners are relieved that travel websites are curating pet friendly travel holiday options. Traveling with your pet is getting easier and the trend is only going to grow as your pet is ready to start off on the new journey along with you. Pet owners no more have to worry about leaving their furry friend behind. Hotels and resorts hardly allow pets and the only alternative is to take resort to pet boarding facilities.

The situation is changing recently as demand and queries for pet friendly travels are on the rise. Many resorts and home stays are stepping up the game. Pets can roam around and play with owners at the home stay which is usually a huge property which is not always possible in pet friendly hotels.

Pet friendly accommodation in your travel destination is usually a difficult task but exchange of information through social media among pet owners have contributed a lot to more people traveling with their pets. There is a significant increase in pet friendly home stays and hotels and your pet can now go everywhere with you whenever you travel by car. There were no decent hotels available lately but with the increase in queries destinations have started accepting pet friendly bookings with a lot of options available across different locations. Pet owners just need to take the time to research online.

Pets are like family members to the pet owners and it is quite painful to leave them back home when traveling accompanied by feelings of being guilty. Pet owners feel much relaxed when they are traveling with pet.

The hospitality industry is becoming more sensitive towards pets while becoming more aware of the need of pet friendly travel with a lot of boutique properties and home stays allowing pets.

Pet owners make bookings for a pet friendly villa while answering some basic questions to check if they are responsible enough about their pets. Some resorts and villas do not charge anything separately for the pet’s stay but charge for their meals. Things like beddings, blankets and towels are provided if needed.

Home stays are ideal because your pets can freely move around. There are very few restrictions as usually home stay owners have their own pets. It is also convenient as pet owners do not have to carry anything as these places have customised food for pets. The trend is here to stay though it would take some time for the trend to pick up.

Some pet owners are also service providers for pet friendly travels. Pet owners always want to travel with their pets and offering them what they want for pets on their travels is a new segment of travelers to cater to.

A lot of boutique properties offering customised beds and open spaces in the changing scenario though a certain level of peace and quiet is expected in the property.

Pet owners prefer to travel with pets only when they are traveling to nearby places. If they’re taking a road trip, then it is easier to take a pet along. Currently, most properties don’t allow pets, especially five star properties. The most common problem pet owners have faced is that pets are sometimes not allowed in the room. Pet owners usually have to deal with other guests who are uncomfortable with pets around.

Most pet owners suggest that home stays are better option than hotels due to this issue as home stays not only have exclusive spaces but also have special treats for pets.

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