Plan a stress-free vacay with Nature Travel and Forest therapy

Everything is organic as the nature and source of foods are displayed clearly on the label. Poultry and Milk products are free range and livestock is grass fed. Nature travel is all about usage of healing spices in food to flavour food without adding calories and increase the intake of antioxidants. It is all about naturally healing with inflammation and chronic stress becoming more commonplace. Norwegians love heading outdoors and nature. Friluftsliv literally translates to ‘free, air, live’.

The food is kept healthy and flavourful usually self inducing with an intention to catering to travelers with severe sleep disorders. Natural travel and Forest Therapy is all about wellness practices that are going on big being the lifestyle savvy and sleep friendly choices. Nature Resorts offer healing foods like Miso Soup, Oatmeal, Granola, Hash Browns with healthy spin, nuts, prunes and herbal teas.

Nature Retreats are luxurious nature lodges and resorts. They begin with creating a tailored daily programme with your health advisor. It is also signing up for healthy cooking sessions. They hand you out route providers and maps as it is about getting rid of the cell phone signals as the network wanes and recharging your own inner batteries. They also provide multi-room accommodations and suites. It is all about tapping and harnessing the power of the nature to heal you from within.

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These are nature centric havens cropping up near the natural oasis. It is all about the urge to ditch the cubicle and living rooms by getting closer to nature. Nature travel is all about setting off and feeling free to stop and pitch a tent as and when you desire. Nature travel is getting in touch with the opulence of the nature. Nature travel is all about digital detox retreats with no-screen policy sans social media updates and alerts.

Forest therapy is fast catching as a Wellness break with the Japanese Art of Forest Bathing or Shinrin-Yoku. The levels of the stress hormone called cortisol drop in the company of nature. The stress relieving chemicals called phytoncides are released in natural surroundings. It brings down blood pressure drastically, fights stress, enhances moods and improves sleep patterns. The outdoor nature therapy has a much more relaxing approach to it in addition to active involvement with nature.

It is all about serene environs, intense indoor and outdoor workouts, gluten free food and exotic green and Himalayan Earl Grey Teas, farm to table gourmet food experiences, yoga sessions in the middle of nature and relaxing in a hot tub while listening to the sounds of nature. It is not about sipping a glass of sparkling wine whilst with a view or the idea of being on a sedentary kind of traveling at the cost of the health. Nature Travel and Forest therapy is all about returning back feeling healthier, fitter and spiritually richer. It leaves you feeling energized, lighter and fitter. Nature travel and forest therapy does not require too much planning, over packing, pub hopping and shopping but mainly focus on health giving your body a much-needed break.

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