Pro tips and gadgets for easy travels on international flights

Pro tips and gadgets for easy travels on international flights

One can hardly avoid the fatigue and boredom of long flights but technology comes to the rescue with these smart gadgets.

Noise canceling wireless headphones ensure a peaceful flight by shutting out sound and silencing unwanted noise. Noise canceling headphones come with powerful battery that can serve your needs for up to 30 hours without the need to turn up the volume to block out noise from pet peeves and crying babies.

Smart suitcases make a style statement and come with an ejectable battery to charge your smartphone. It contains an unbreakable poly carbonate box, a built in compression system and 360 degree Hinomoto wheels. The ejectable battery complies with all airline carry on standards and TSA policies too.

Jet lag calculator helps you get on a better schedule and feel energized for your entire trip once you enter the location you are flying to, the time of arrival and departure and your usual routine sleep schedule. It curates a jet lag plan like when to sleep and when to get as much light as possible to trick your brain and get your body going.

Long battery life laptops are ideal for international flights lasting up to 24 hours. It comes with pen and tablet modes that can be used to sketch artworks or comfortably watch movies in an airplane seat.

Smart sleep masks are a much more intelligent alternative to the usual sleep masks. Smart sleep masks are comfortable and use light to help you fall asleep and wake up naturally. The red tone ‘sunset’ lighting helps you fall asleep tricking your mind and body to fall asleep. It uses blue ‘sunrise’ light to tell your body know that it is morning and time to wake up.

Smartshoe insoles help you get cozy with some easy to slip wireless and rechargeable insoles into any pair of shoes. They don’t get too warm because of the adjustable warming feature that is controlled by a remote. The batteries are usually Lithium ion and comply with the TSA regulations but might attract an extra look at airport security.

E-book readers enables reading and is one of the best ways to pass the time on an international flight. Opt for an E-Reader instead of hogging space with multiple hardcovers. Kindle offers ebook readers a number of high tech features including an ergonomic design to feel like a book’s spine for one handed reading, adaptive lighting and customizable text settings.

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