My Romance With The Croatian Islands

my romance with croatian islands

Croatia, I guess, is the best place that I have ever visited. If you ask me why, it is the friendly people, the tasty wines, delicious seafood and the architectural landmarks, not forget the lovely and breathtaking beauty of the Croatian islands. My romance with the Croatian islands is detailed briefly in the paragraphs below.

Hvar Island

I experienced the best nightlife in the Croatian island of Hvar. Delightful as it was, I bumped into both movie stars and backpackers in the island. The architecture was predominantly Venetian with UNESCO world heritage sites thrown in. I had lip-smacking seafood from Jelsa a fishing village.

hvar island croatia travel dejavu                                                                          Image Credits : Cruisemapper

Vis Island

I am one for the food and the wines and, and was on the lookout for a relaxing break. Therefore visiting Vis was a must-do. The island opened up to foreigners only in 1989 and has a population of about 5000. The vestiges of the Greek and Roman era provided a fine backdrop for the many fine white vineries in the villages. Many of them offer a tour of the vinery that includes tasting the stuff as well. I also visited the famed Blue Grotto on the nearby island of Bisevo.

vis island croatia travel dejavu                                                                          Image Credits : A Taste of Travel

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Korcula Island

As I understood, Korcula was less popular than Hvar but among the most treasured islands. It is at a greater distance from Hvar, perhaps that’s why it is less crowded. It has a dense forest, more vineyards at Lumbarda and olive groves. Claimed as the birthplace of Marco Polo by the locals, it offers a more secluded holiday. Sandy beaches are in plenty offering you the perfect getaways.

korcua island croatia travel dejavu

Mljet Island

I wanted to kayak in peace and the perfect spot for this was the MIjet island. Sobra attracted me because this village was where the catamarans docked at. This unique island had another island in the Veliko Jezero lake. This island houses the Benedictine Monastery. I had a great time riding a hired bike along its many curved paths.

Mlja Island croatia travel dejavu

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Brac Island

Brac island, covered with more than half a million olive trees, is not glamorous as some of the other islands but offered some of the most outstanding sights of the Croatian/Yugoslavian landscape. As the longest and most elevated among all the islands, it is located in central portion of the Dalmatian region. In addition to providing an authentic view of the local life, Zlatni Rat beach and the Dragon’s Cave were enough to whet my travel appetite. There are some idyllic spots on the rocky shores from where I could do some scuba diving in peace.

Krk Island

It is Croatia’s largest island and produces a fine wine called Zlatina. It houses one of the best sandy beaches, Baska. The landscape is predominantly windswept; the fierce bura’ wind is common. Endowed with an extraordinary scenic beauty, it is one of the most crowded islands during the spring summer and autumn and is packed with both German and Austrian tourists.

kark island croatia travel dejavu

Croatia has close to 1200 islands, each one purportedly more stunning than the other. A visit to a few of the islands left me with indelible memories of the country that I even ended up typing real estate Croatia on my computer with a view to find out how I can settle down in this beautiful land.

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  1. Wow! I didn’t know Croatia had so many different islands within it’s regions. It looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. Seeing these island makes me miss my home, even if it is no where near Croatia. I think this place is beautiful.

  3. Korcula Island is definitely the place where I’d go first. I don’t know if it is the architecture, the beaches, or simply the atmosphere that calls me there. Or maybe it’s only the name that has a powerful resonance.

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