Siargao island- Shar-gaw- Pearl of the Orient seas

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Siargao beyond Surfing 

Cliff divers make a visually striking spectacle through their acrobatic feats. Their stunts display a breathtaking choreography, leaving watchers in awe at how they can carry out such a sequence of rhythmic motions while defying gravity.

Although the sight I saw at Magkukuob Cave in Sohoton Cove National Park was not that intense, there was something that captivated me in the way Herson, one of my companions, jumped into the water from makeshift diving platform 12-feet above sea level.

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He wasn’t a professional cliff diver neither he was a good swimmer. But his body was completely relaxed when he took the plunge challenge. His stance emanates sheer calmness like those of professionals.

He stretched his hands upwards; his right foot pointing downwards, so that he can pierce through the water without incurring injury from the impact. It didn’t take long for him to touch the water. Yet the sight of his body ever gracefully falling down the water made him look infinite.


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I knew he did that to do the challenge properly, not to show off, or inspire anyone -as was the effect to me. But it did motivate me.

My hesitance was replaced by a resolve. A resolve to jump into the water without wearing a life vest. A resolve to do the challenge properly. So I can also experience the infinite feeling of being suspended in the air which briefly takes place in between taking off and plunging into the water.

Being able to do that rewarded me of an invigorating rush, a quasi-euphoria kind of feeling, telling me that it’s worth taking the plunge no matter how risky it sounds. 😆

Bucas Grande Island


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Sohoton Cove National Park is one of the main attractions in Bucas Grande Island in Surigao del Norte, Philippines. It is a treasure trove of natural wonders with two sea caves open to tourists and more secret coves still undiscovered.


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Hagukan Cave is where the water glows and makes a snoring sound. At Magkukuob Cave, caving starts at the sea, to the ground and upward. It ends with the cliff jumping challenge mentioned above.  

The sole opening to the park is a cavern with a very low ceiling. Thus, it’s name which is derived from the word so-oton, a Cebuano word meaning to pass through a small opening.


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There are also jellyfish sanctuaries, inland lakes and lagoons, white sand beaches with snorkeling areas and secret coves on the island. All these you can enjoy in this maze-like world of Bucas Grande Island.

Island Hopping in Siargao

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Little pockets of paradise also abound in Siargao Islands, which Bucas Grande Island is part of. Naked, Guyam and Daku, three pristine islets, make island hopping perfect. The Magpupungko pools should not be missed with its luminous natural pools.


boardwalk at cloud 9 siargao philippines travel dejavu


But then again who can resist its fabled waves? Cloud 9 becomes a premier surfing destination in the Philippines for that.


My guidebook with the same title Siargao beyond Surfing is available in the app store via Favoroute. It consists of daily itineraries and budget, tips and other routes to get to Siargao besides Sayak Airport in Siargao.

For only $6.99 you can have an offline guidebook to this under-the-radar Philippine surfing destination.

Draw near the tear drop shaped island Siargao in the Pictionary.

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