Smart things to know: What travel insurance covers

smart things to know what travel insurance covers

Smart things to know What travel insurance covers


Trip cancelation or delay due to sickness, injury or in the event of death that results in financial loss is typically covered by this policy.

Travel insurance offers protection against financial risks and covers medical expenses if you fall sick while traveling.

The policy covers the personal liability caused due to negligence resulting in losses and damages to property or injury to a person who is not a member of your family or traveling party.

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Emergency evacuation expenses, due to natural disasters or calamities or in the event of man-made disasters like terrorist activities, including return flights home, are covered.

Travel insurance provides cover against baggage loss or theft of your baggage and passport or any kind of valuables. Insurers also help make arrangements for a temporary passport.

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  1. This is good to know, I always wondered what travel insurance covered.

  2. I always stress the importance of getting travel insurance because you just never know what could happen.

  3. I travel quite a fair bit and I do remember to purchase insurance before I depart. But I don’t really know what exactly it covers. Glad to learn it here.

  4. What a great post, you covered so much great information that people will need to know. Getting travel insurance is really important.

  5. I’ve travelled a lot in the past without insurence and luckily I was ok each time but as I get older I realise its such a risky choice to make, I wouldn’t travel uninsured now!

  6. Great points to take care while having travel insurance. In fact I never bothered looking at little things but I should do so next time.

  7. This is so good to know! Ever since we had kids we never miss to hire an annual travel insurance for the family. That is less expensive than hiring individual insurances for each trip. Ours cover also hotels and room booking. Many insurances cover only transportation like plane tickets but not if you already paid for your accommodation.

  8. This is such a helpful post. We have been really careful and do have a checklist of to-do things before traveling. Insurance is so important while traveling, better to be on the safe side than be sorry.

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