Spirituality is the it thing in travel

Spirituality is the it thing in travel

Spirituality is the it thing in travel


Spiritual travel is a out of the body experience used as a means for spiritual growth through travels bringing the mind and soul in sync and spirituality is the it thing in travel covers exactly that part of travel. Spirituality is the it thing in travel and spiritual travel is about the spiritual and electrifying aspects of travel at a spiritual retreat.

Spiritual quest is the new way for millennials to travel. They want to soak up in the knowledge on the world of spirituality though it has got nothing to do with the halo and aura around it or levitating against gravity. Spiritual Travel retreats are replete with sessions of spiritual healing, meditation, robe verbal discourses, chanting, Primal energy aka Kundalini Awakening, karma cleanse,  humming meditation, seven centres of spiritual power aka wheel healing and nourishment, fire walks, ice baths, intermittent fasting, silent meditations, talk therapy and sunrise meditation.

Spiritual travel is in for nirvana has become the most sought-after luxury in a world perpetually on the edge. Millennials like it not only to exploring new places and ways to find inner peace and calm but flaunting it by instagramming while they are doing it. The sudden surge of spiritual retreats is because of the escalation of the spiritual quest by millennials and the touch points of spiritual travel are limitless.

Everyone on Instagram are talking about Spirituality travel transforming their lives. Trend has it that millennials are going to these spiritual retreats and take selfies with famous spiritual instructors who are no less than celebrities. Spirituality travel is all about taking the first step towards discovering a deeper meaning of life. It is all about getting that inner glow out sans make up and cosmetics. It is having the ultimate mind and body experience and doing so by bringing to light your inner light and if not so literal sense.

A traveler has never-ending told and stories untold. This long lasting courtship of travel and the traveler never seem to end and the fondness never seems to fade. Post your story on Travel Dejavu.


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  1. I love this, because it’s definitely true. I love that you grow so much as an individual especially when you travel alone. This is something that people should do more often. Traveling like this makes you appreciate the beauty of the world more.

  2. I find it is all about the instagram! They do share everything!

  3. I have never traveled alone before! This is really interesting!

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