Step by Step Guide to planning for self-care travel

Step by Step Guide to planning for self-care travel

Putting yourself first is a Millennial phenomenon. Millennials are taking an annual self-care break as it speaks volumes of the chemical exposure one faces on a day-to-day basis. Self-care travel has gone beyond feel-good spa sessions but is a new age take on wellness literally implying treatment getaway destinations. Self-care travel is taking break not to get away from a problem you are taking one to meet head on. Self-care travels are tailor-made escapes for all kinds of health dilemmas. Self-care travel is all about service and maintenance of the body as it is important to serve the body.

Self-care havens are resorts offering treatment packages designed specifically for travelers with special requirements. Health is duly covered at these self-care centres for the guests offering therapeutic treatments like acupuncture, diagnostic test, food intolerance test and more.

It is about system cleanse along with getting facial scrubs at a spa destination. These health based retreats work on your blood pressure, digestive issues like IBS, mental health, postural corrections, detoxification, migraines, beauty and weight loss. Foods that are known to lower systolic blood pressure dropping it by a considerable number of points and are served in the daily diet like pomegranate juice (2 OZ per day), watermelon, beet juice (4 OZ daily) and dark chocolate.

There are hypnotherapy sleep sessions and behavioural workshops for people complaining of sleep disorders and nature friendly Scandinavian log house and cabin stays to promote the ethos of ‘slowing down.’ Restorative physiotherapy helps in improving strength and body movements. Aromatherapy uses lavender, sage, frankincense, myrrh and patchouli which are all high vibrational oils. Forest therapy and Sound Therapy is about exploring natural healing powers in the vicinity of nature and hot springs. Vinotherapy is soaking in the bath of wine for its anti-ageing properties. Vinotherapy is popular in South Africa and Tuscany, Italy.

It has tailor made programmes for mind body healing experience for detoxifying body, strengthening the immune system and restoring balance and wellbeing. Self-care retreats cover five-fold detoxification treatment involving massages, herbal therapy and other procedures. It is one of the most effective and the most sought after healing modality in Ayurveda Medicine. It promotes detoxification and rejuvenation by the cosmetologist’s sources at happy hour with reups. The blood profile is done and eating history is examined for the on goings of the lymphatic system and then a therapist is assigned. The eating and sleeping habits are taken care of and the vitals are noted at the time of checking in and checking out.

The whole farm-to-table concept is taken on a different level by eliminating genetically modified or genetically altered produce by replacing them by organic ingredients and nutrition friendly food favourites. Self-care travel is designed to find out what kind of diet is best for a particular body type, chemical balance and constitution by adapting to clean and fresh-off-the-farm lifestyle. You can order your own customised breakfast and sides with deli equipment from hash browns, fatty fish, sausages, avocadoes or dieter’s breakfast melons.

Self-care destinations have exclusive programmes led by trained practitioners like nutritional therapists, spine experts and psychiatrists for company. The lodgings are replaced by natural alternatives like Himalayan salt lamps brining nature into the living spaces with bee wax candle lit corners and essential oils as room fresheners with cooking done in BPA-free clay pots, slicers, blenders and copper cook-ins. Food is cooked in healthy fats like extra-virgin olive oil, butter and clarified butter from pasture raised cows, natural fats from nuts and seeds. One can enrol for a personalised package and tweak the mind and body accordingly for the entire duration on travel.

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