Street food culture of Southeast asian countries

Street food culture of Southeast asian countries

Street food culture of Southeast asian countries


The culture of Eat Street at South East Asia is a place to be where you can say no to food. There is a veritable smorgasbord right in front of you at with infinite varieties at street and hawker fare. South East Asian street ready to eat and drink is cheap and has a dish that would suit every palate. Continue reading to know best about the Street food culture of Southeast asian countries.

Singapore has amazing places to dine at street markets and street fairs with the best hawker centers with the likes of Tiong Bahru, Chinatown, Chomp Chomp, Old Airport Road, Quayside Area and Maxwell Road at a meager cost of 15-20 Singaporean dollars. Some of the must try foods are Singapore Satay and Laksa style noodles, Chicken Rice and Chilli Crab at the these food complexes. Begin with kaya toast and coffee to explore the food scene at Singapore.

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Bencoolen Street is a must do in Singapore. Street food and hawker food stalls are a way of life in Singapore with its street side shacks, hawker centers and street markets. Hainanese Chicken rice is one of the national dishes of Singapore served in chilly dipping sauce. Bencoolen Street is certainly one of the best places to experience to know best of Street food culture of Southeast asian countries.

Vietnamese street food is only becoming more popular by the day for its portable two and four wheeler food carts with the best organic and farm fresh produce, local herbs, poultry, dairy and a variety of meats. Vietnam has an appetite for all the taste buds with the sensory flavors of sweet, salty, sour, spicy, et alia and others. Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh city, Saigon and Hanoi have recently become the South East Asian food capitals for its food culture and hospitality among the seasoned travelers across the world. Vietnam street food has a variety of noodle preparations. Pho Noodle Soup, Hu Tieu, Bun Cha, Sticky rice with food outlets at the side walks and alleyways at every neighborhood.

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Some of the other Vietnamese street food exports to the restaurant scene around the world are Goi Cuon which are Vietnamese spring rolls and Bo Bia Chay spring rolls served with sausage. Bánh is a Vietnamese baguette, Bánh Xèo is a Vietnamese pancake. Bánh Cuôn are Vietnamese rice dumplings served with pork, shallots and mushrooms. Bún Riêu is a Vietnamese crab noodle soup. Vietnamese iced coffee is a quintessential iced coffee and is a must have. Vietnamese authentic food is popular with the gourmands around the world.

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Malaysian street food markets have multicultural food influences of Malay, Chinese are Portuguese cuisines. Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Laos and Borneo are the main street food hubs with casual street foods with gourmet kitchen like cuisines. Jalan Alor and Jalan Sultan are famous food streets for hanging out and strolling for street food with the best street food delicacies with hawker stalls and coffee shops. Jalans in Malaysia are ultimate fast foods and street foods destinations for immediate consumption shaping the street food scene of Malaysia. Malaysia street foods is served in banana leaves. Laksa is a noodle soup served with rice or vermicelli in spicy soup, sour asam or coconut curry of chicken, prawns and fish.

Street food culture of Southeast asian countriesImage Credits: Wandermuch

Rojak is a traditional fruits and vegetables dish. Lorong Baru lane serves the best Batu Maung Satay which is a Malaysian style tender kebab which are marinated pieces of barbecued chicken, pork or beef on bamboo skewers. Chee Cheong are steamed rice rolls or noodle rolls. Jyu Cheung Fan and Cheong Fun are pan fried rice rolls with eggs. Mie Goreng is a spicy stir fried noodle dish with tofu, chicken breasts, broccoli, beans and mushrooms. Teh Tarik and Teh Halia are pulled tea in condensed milk and ginger respectively served at outdoor mamak stalls and kopi tiams.

Malaysian chicken satay is a skewered and seasoned grilled meat accompanied by compressed rice called Nasi Impit and peanut sauce.

Goreng is a pre cooked stir fried rice seasoned with sweet soy sauce and fish sauce topped with fried egg. Roti Canai is a Malaysian flat bread made with margarine, eggs and milk. Apam Balik is a griddle pancake made with cream corn and peanuts.

Street food culture of Southeast asian countriesImage Credits: Pixabay

Nasi Lemak is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves. Nasi Lemak is served with anchovy hot chile sauce, fried anchovies, fried peanuts, coconut milk and hard boiled eggs, sambals and ikan bilis. Char kway teow are Malaysian stir fried noodles or rice cake strips, with shrimps, bloody cockles, Chinese Lap Cheong Sausage, bean sprouts, shallots, oyster sauce and soy sauce. Nasi Lamek is one of the best foods to watch out for in  Street food culture of Southeast asian countries.

Hokkien mee is a stir fried noodles preparation braised in stalk of pork and prawns.

Otak Otak is fish mousse or grilled fish cake or fish custard with tapioca, leek, eggs, kaffir lime leaves wrapped in banana leaf and steamed is a classic Nyonya snack.

Cendol is an iced sweet dessert made with green rice flour jelly, coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, pandan leaves juices and shaved ice.

Street food culture of Southeast asian countriesImage Credits: Andrew Harper

Street food markets in Cambodia has preserved the traditional Khmer food culture. Hawkers markets in Cambodia have got multiple options to be explored. Some of the must do popular street markets with stacks of super cheap eats in street food carts are Angkor night market in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Some of the must try popular street food dishes are giant grilled squid meat, roasted bananas called Som Ang, pork belly, blood orange lemonade, coconut tiger shrimp, Cambodian sandwiches called Num Pnag, Cambodian iced coffee, Nom Bahn Chok which is rice noodle soup, Mi Char which are fried noodles, et alia and others. also Cambodia is a must visit to know more about the Street food culture of Southeast asian countries.

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Thailand has a hawker centers food culture. Thai street foods include kaao laad kaeng which are curry on rice stalls and vendors serving the cheapest and quick foods. Some of the must try dishes are fried rice, Satay, Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup with fresh basil garnishing. Some of the must do markets are Chatuchak weekend market with the best street specialties, Chiang Mai Night Market and the exclusive floating markets of Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa markets.

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