Stumble upon these Hong Kong beaches and hiking trails

stumble upon these hong kong beaches and hiking trails travel dejavu

Stumble upon these Hong Kong beaches and hiking trails

Stumble upon these Hong Kong beaches and hiking trails and follow this wide ranging list as you make your trip to the Pearl of the Orient. Stumble upon these Hong Kong beaches and hiking trails as you walk around to enjoy the views. 

Honk Kong Beaches

Hong Kong has a long coastline with bays and public beaches across the islands suitable and safe to swim across with lifeguards, parkland beaches, shark nets and world class facilties. Hong Kong is a metropolis with 80% green cover.

1) Tai Long Wan: This phosphorescent white sand beach is great for beginner surfers. There are no lifeguards on this beach. Scouts and local walking groups throng this beach. The bus ride from Sai Kung to Wong Shek Pier is the easiest route to this beach. You can hike your way here or reach by yacht. This one is the biggest beach and yet secluded. Camping at MacLehose Trail is a must do while in here.

repulse bay hong kong beaches travel dejavu

2) Repulse bay or Stanley in the Hong Kong Island is a perfect and well-developed seaside town with a water front promenade. Stanley Main Beach and St Stephen’s beach are two of the most prominent beaches. It has crescent shape. It is popular in summer months. The easiest route to Stanley Main Beach is from Stanley Proper along the Stanley Proper Road. Blake’s Pier is the closest to this beach.

3) Hong Kong island houses the Victoria harbour and Victoria Peak and the skyline of Hong Kong is is a moniker pull.

lo so shing beach lamma island hong kong travel dejavu                                                                                 Image credits : Jonistravelling

4) Lo Sho Shing Beach in Kowloon is on Lamma island near to Hong Kong proper with golden sand and clear water. It is also considered to be the cleanest beach. The island has no cars. Tung Wan Beach is an upscale beach great for floating around. Cheung Sha Beach is a remote beach Central pier by Mui Wo ferry and is probably the longest beach in Hong Kong. Lo So Shing Beach is on Lamma island and on the hiking trail of Yung Shue Wan Pier.

5) Silvermine Bay Beach on Lantau island via ferry from Central Pier boasts of pink dolphins. The cable car ride from the Ngong Ping is exemplary. MTR and ferry are well connected with the island. The sea food in this area is a must try.  

shek o beachor big wave bay travel dejavu                                                                                    Image Credits : Urban Outdoors

6) Shek O Back Beachor Big Wave Bay  The Back Beach in Shek O is a huge stretch of beach. Shau Kei Wan is the nearest stop to Shek O. It is the best for surfing, body surfing, golfing and paragliding lift with the best rentable equipment like boards and lilos.

7) Big wave Bay is great for public surfing with the best hiking trails like Dragon’s Back Hiking Trail around.

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8) Piu O Beach is on the southern Lantau island is great for canoeing, camping and body surfing. The beach has multiple numbers of islands and inlets around. A ferry from Central Pier to Mui Wo is the easiest way to get to this beach where you have an option to rent a village house.

pui o beach hongkong travel dejavu                                                                                 Image credits : Beach Escapades

9) A visit to Tai O Fishing Village and Nam Sang Wai is recommended.

10) Deepwater Bay Beach is close to Central Hong Kong central.

11) Sai Kung beach is great for kayaking and windsurfing.

12) Cheng Sha Beach The nearest stop to this beach is Mui Wo. This beach has the perfect swimming waters and lifeguard stations.

13) Sai Wan beach This is a fresh water beach and the easiest route would be to take a bus from Sai Kung Country Park to Sai wan Pavilion. This white sand beach is both ideal for swimming and paddling. This one is a protected bay with waterfalls.

golden beach hong kong travel dejavu                                                                                       Image Credits : Wikipedia

14) Golden beach of the Gold Coast Marina Club is located on Tuen Mun Castle Peak Road. It is the largest public beach and first artificial beach in Hong Kong sand imported from Hainan Island can be easily reached by different bus lines. Montmarte art fair is a must visit.

Hong Kong Hiking trails

1) Dragon’s back is the moniker of hiking lovers with views machete hacking greenery of Clearwater bay in the South China Sea. The easiest route to the hike is Shau Kei Wan MTR to To Tei Wan.

dragons back hong kong hiking trails travel dejavu                                                                                      Image credits : lonelyplanet

2) The Peak Hike is an outlying lsland hike and can be reached to via the Hong Kong tram. Victoria peak is a dedicated trail.

3) Lantau peak Hike is not a dedicated hiking trail with several hiking trails crossing the region. This one is a difficult climb between Mui Wo and Tung Chung.

lantau peak hiking trail hong kong travel dejavu

4) Lion Rock Hike is a part of MacLehose trail and a well signposted one. The easiest route is via Gilwell campsite across Beacon Hill.

lamma island hiking trails hong kong travel dejavu                                                                                   Image credits : Kudelabs

5) Lamma island hike trail This hike is between Yung Shu Wan and Sok Kwu Wan and is a paved route with inclines less difficult to cross. The easiest way to reach here would be taking a ferry from central ferry pier.

Stumble upon these Hong Kong beaches and hiking trails summarizes your recreational part of your trip to Hong Kong. Share your opinions on stumble upon these Hong Kong beaches and hiking trails.

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