The supernatural side of Salem, Massachusetts

The supernatural side of Salem, Massachusetts

Supernatural side of Salem Massachusetts

Salem is a little town near Massachusetts also known as the Witch Village and is paranormally preferred for ghost tours and grave walking tours of the hysterical world of sorcery, witchcraft and witch hunting. Joshua Ward House on Washington street is the spot for witch trials which were a series of hearings and prosecutions on witchcraft that led to witch executions. Make sure you be here at Salem once in your lifetime as you would get intrigued by the place as you read through supernatural side of Salem Massachusetts. This write up supernatural side of Salem Massachusetts covers it all in an easy read manner.

supernatural side of Salem Massachusetts travel dejavu

The House of Seven gables is a wooden mansion of the 17th century houses the Scarlet letter by the Salem Native writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, period artefacts and the occupants at the customs house right across the street in Broad street cemetery with secret staircases.

supernatural side of Salem Massachusetts travel dejavu

The Witch House, home of the witch trials magistrate judge and Salem merchant Jonathan Corwin and his burial place with white obelisk, Salem wax museum and The Rebecca Nurse Homestead are the only mansions open to the public. The bronze statue of Boston’s Red Auerbach Statue called the Bewitched statue is a landmark of the city of Magic.

October is the most preferred month to visit Salem. Haunted Happenings is a month long fest celebrating Halloween and fall in New England.

supernatural side of Salem Massachusetts travel dejavu

The Salem Witch museum houses the main presentation of the Witch trials of 1692 based on actual trial documents of the dark period. The traumatic incident of the Salem Witch hunt is brought to life through life size stage sets, figures with a stirring narration in the animatronics show. Psychic reading with a licensed practitioner is possible to know more about the ancient craft of the witches.

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The itinerary for the month of Halloween goes as follows:

  • Haunted Happenings Grand Parade
  • Tales and Tombstones Trolley Tours
  • Haunted Biz Baz Street fair
  • Spirit of the Gables
  • Legacy of the Hanging judge at the House of the Seven Gables
  • Halloween Night on October 31

Wiccan souvenirs are vintage junk antiques of Pagan Wiccan religion sold in the kitschy boutiques and some of them are magnetic spells, pointy witch hats, tarot cards, herbs, oils, candles, incense potions, religious statuary, jewelry, crystals, Ouija, masquerades, masks, corsets, grimoire books, blown glass witchballs, sterling silver Salem charms, Pentacles, handcrafted magical tools, capes, brooms, humor, soaps, tea leaf readings, ritual kits.

Share your opinions on this write up supernatural side of Salem Massachusetts. Also make sure you do not come empty handed without the souvenirs that are listed in supernatural side of Salem Massachusetts.

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  1. I have a thing for supernaturals — ghosts, vampires, and most especially witches! I would definitely enjoy a visit in Salem, looks so exciting. Heck I’m getting excited just by reading it haha… I really hope to go there in the near future and most definitely, I would make a trip to Salem a priority.

  2. Wow, this looks absolutely fascinating. It looks like somewhere definitely worth exploring.

  3. Salem is so spooky but soooo cool. I’m fascinated by the history (even though some of it is very sad).

  4. So interesting. I’d love to visit one day. I heard about a town named Salem via the books of Stephen King but I have no idea if this is the same village he has referred to in his books. Looks like a great place to visit during Halloween 😉

  5. Omg would actually love to visit! Sounds so cool!

  6. It’s cool to see an article about Salem and Halloween. The history behind witch burnings, ghosts etc are so interesting.

  7. Woow! Would love to visit love those kind of creepy things hehe 🙂

  8. awww, that´s an awesome post. I´ve been there past October during my trip through New England! Especially, because of its history of Witches and Witchcraft, I wanted to visit. Thanks for bringing back some memories!

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