Surprising: Macao Museums in China’s resort city

surprising macao museums

Surprising Macao museums

Macao is the world’s densest city of the People’s Republic of China that is bordered by Zhuhai city in Guangdong and is a mix of the East and the West. While in Macao egg tarts are must haves for it serves Asia’s best egg tarts. Casinos make this city the world’s biggest money joint and make it popular in the arena of international tourism. Senado Square is the it hub of the city. So check out the surprising macao museums. Macao has a promising list of with its quality of services as you would find out in surprising Macao museums. Macao become only more enjoyable in a sure fire way with this list of surprising Macao museums.



macau 3d museum china travel dejavu                                                                                    Image Credits : sengkangbabies

3D museum is the world’s first of its kind with 4D canvases. It offers 3D interactive experiences with photography points and theme zones. It is quite a treasure hunt with the dinosaurs and their gigantic jaws gaping at you. Michael Jackson’s thriller glove and his moves back in here will let you relive with the legend. Snowfalls would leave you awestruck.

grand prix museum macau china travel dejavu                                                                                    Image Credits : Visit Our China

Grand Prix Museum is tell it all about the Macao Guia Circuit with the patrician of automobiles of the account of Macao. There is also an iconic race simulator too.

Macao is not a wine producing island but Macau Wine Museum in Se Macau has Bacchus serving in the Portuguese wine cellar and an avid collection of wine and wine bottles with wine tasting. Mannequins are dolled with traditional costumes as they stand by the wine bottles. There is a communal table in the centre topped with candelabrum where wine fests are held.

macao museum china travel dejavu                                                                             Image Credits : Potaihse Gallery

Macao Museum in Mount Fortress or Hill of Fortaleza do Monte is a structure with fortification from the Neolithic 17th century built by Jesuits. It portrays the Chinese and Portuguese influences with maps of China international chinoiserie that chronicled the city. It shows the city in the light as it recreates it all about the city with the constructions and dioramas.

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Taipa Houses museum in the Taipa Island Avenida da Praia is the standing example of Macanese architecture modelled with green homes depicting the colonial era on Cota strip of Macau.

taipa house museum macau china travel dejavu                                                                                 Image Credits : Macau com

Macao Art Museum portrays the contemporary art work from Macau and Southern China.

Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt is on San Antonio with the Granite Rock at the center of the crypt’s area and with relics. The façade is from 1800s. There are pageants of liturgy and crucifixes serving as the highlights. The St Michael modelled on a Japanese Jesuit is the must see.

Mandarin’s House is a Guangdong Family Residence with numerous odd rooms, French windows, Chinese beamed ceiling, corridors, moon doors and courtyards.

Macau Tea Culture house is in Lou Lim Loc Garden is a neo-colonial house with displays of antique tea pots and cups and portraying efficiently the Chinese traditions of drinking the brew called Tea. Macau Port or entrepot served as a gateway for the proliferation of mercantile Chinese Tea culture and focused tea tastings.

tap seac gallery macau travel dejavu                                                                                Image Credits : TripAdvisor

Tap Seac Gallery is a Moorish baroque mansion and apparently the best contemporary art gallery on the wealthy Tap Seac district.

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Museum of Holy House of Mercy on Largo de Senado of Santa Casa Di Misericordia is a baroque edifice with ivory statues, colonnaded balcony, plaza, relics of bishop of Macau and Chinese manuscripts.

treasure of sacred art museum macau travel dejavu                                                                                   Image Credits :  Worldstotrek

Treasure of Sacred Art Museum on Sao Domingos Square is the 17th Century Baroque church of St Dominic and can be traced back to the late 1500s. It houses valuable sacred artefacts of the Catholic Diocese of St. Joseph’s Seminary. I can be touristy but worth visiting once in a while.

Pawn shop Museum of Tak Seng on and the virtue and success has maintained the originality back from the pawnshops in Mainland China since the beginning. It is at the prime of pawnshop trade in Macao and stands as a beacon of cultural heritage of the city.

maritime museum macau travel dejavu                                                                                     Image Credits : 2bearbear

Maritime Museum on Pearl River Delta is a modern structure with displays of ethnography, sea manoeuvres and copious nautical mechanisms. The whalebone replica of a dragon boat which is a reminder of the city of the seventeenth century is the highlight of the museum. The esplanade has the views of the harbour.

The summary of surprising Macao museums lies in the fact that Macao has museums of historical and cultural value that portrays its history. Share your thoughts by commenting below on surprising Macao museums.

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  1. Now these are some nice and innovative museums, especially the first one where you have 4D on 3D canvas. That would be such an optical illusion. Thanks for sharing these.

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  21. We love museums and the ones listed by you sound fascinating. They provide a peep into the history, culture and heritage of Macau. It is a pity that we were in Macau only for a day and could not visit these museums. Will include them in our next trip. Thanks for a fresh perspective of Macau.

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    I love the 3D Museum, those 4D Canvas looks so amazing!! I’m def adding this place to my bucket list.

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