Sushi variations in different parts of the world

sushi variations in different parts of the world

Sushi variations in different parts of the world


Sushi has gone mainstream and the platter for social bonhomie. The enterprising cooks are serving sushi not just in their own kitchens but for takeaways. Sushi has a larger cosmopolitan audience. Sushi is a complete feast. Sushi has seen a huge resurgence of interest prompted by instant sharing on Instagram.

Sushi variations in different parts of the world celebrates the quintessential Japanese cuisine that is a hit with travelers across the world.

Sushi variations in different parts of the world is about how sushi is acclimatized to suit the palate of travelers across the world by giving it the blend of tastes, styles and spices particular of that place.

Sushi variations in different parts of the world is depictive of how sushi is rolled into Maki, Nigiri, Sashimi and Chirashi styles. Makizushi also known as norimaki refers to the basic type of sushi where rice and ingredients are carefully rolled in a sheet of nori seaweed. Gunkan Maki, Temaki, Narezushi, Oshizushi, Sasazushi, Kakinohazushi significant of the signature Sushi variations in different parts of the world.

Sushi variations in different parts of the world depicts the popularity of the Japanese rolls at novelty Sushi bars across the world.

Sushi variations different parts of worldImage Credits: Pixabay

Sushi is more like a phenomenon that has converged with the evolving tastes of millennial audience that wants a taste of the new and the untried instead of familiar.

The growing culinary cosmopolitanism is evident in the buzz surrounding sushi. Sushi is partaking of Japanese culture through its food and has been getting popular all over the world.

Sushi variations different parts of worldImage Credits: Pixabay

Sushi is only getting reinvented by the day with its multiple variations around the globe. Sushi spins are taking the world by storm for sushi is only adding to its infinite loop of sushi connoisseurs all over the world.

Sushi has to be undoubtedly the most popular Japanese culinary exports to the world.

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Sushi which is basically a vinegared raw seafood and rice preparation has apparently earned its place in the hottest selling food item across the world. Sushi topper like roe is enjoying its celeb status acing in its game like never before.

Sushi inspired food is topping the charts of the food menus across the world being the top picks of the Epicureans and Hedonists.

Sushi is being tried out across various regions across the globe with the local twists particular of the region. Sushi is an out and out global fad and is an Instagram favorite. Sushi is a sensational and exotic food. Sushi is a great experimental food brought out perfectly and a perfect bite to dig into.

Sushi variations different parts of worldImage Credits: Hercampus

UK has customized Sushi Burger. Buns and Brioche are usually used but are replaced by rice buns. It is a rice wrapped preparation with fillings of sashimi, avocado, nori, meats and patties. It is topped with pickled radish, miso ketchup and seaweed crackers.

Sushi variations different parts of worldImage Credits: Dinnerthendessert

California rolls tacos is one of its kind sushi preparation. It is the fusion of Mexican and Japanese takeaway. Tacos and Sushi are combined into making a one single dish. Taco shells are filled with avocado and cucumber with a dash of the good ness of avocado and crunchy salads. The crispy taco is filled with sushi fillings and seasonings. The ingredients are sushi rice and crab meat mixture sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Image Credits: Bored Panda

Sushi Doughnut is a doughnut shaped sushi blended with perfect fillings inside of spicy tuna, mock crab meats, sticky rice and avocado. It is a palatable preparation garnished with fresh cucumber, olives, cabbage, spring onions, roasted sesame seeds, salmon or tuna or masago fish.

It is a Californian bite size number.

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Pasta Sushi is an Italian preparation with pasta shells substituted for white rice with blend of Italian and Japanese flavors. Raw or cooked fresh sea food is used in the making with seasonal garnishing. Pasta sushi is definitely a Michelin affair.

Onigirazu is a Japanese takeaway meal basically a Rice Ball Sandwich wrapped in seaweed and prepared in the similar way as sushi with veggies and non vegetarian fillings. It is cubically placed like a sandwich. It is a part of the Japanese Bento Box and is eaten as breakfast, lunch and supper.

Image Credits: Just One Cookbook

Chirashi is a wholesome sushi bowl back there in Japan with flavors of sushi. It is a deli preparation. Wrapping the sushi is not a part of the preparation. The fillings are pretty much the same but the bowls are made with sticky white or brown rice, quinoa or couscous. It is usually consumed as a lunch meal with side dishes of miso soup or green tea or matcha tea as appetizers to wash it down.

Sushi variations different parts of worldImage Credits: Business Insider

Sushirrito is the most popular sushi spin worldwide. It is a hot thing in the food world brought into the scene from San Francisco. Sushirrito is the sushi burrito restaurant concept in the combination of Latin and Asian food fusion concept and is a popular soiree among the gourmands all over.

Sushi is more than just a Japanese meal takeaway. It is a fad. It is a healthy bite size snack slash appetizer. It is a wonder treat and a hunger quick fix. Sushi is rage all over the world for the right reasons.

Sushi is served with raw or under cooked sea food with varied ingredients, veggies and tropical fruits. Sushi is here to stay in the professional kitchen.

Bluefin Tuna fish is the most sought after cuts in sushi bars world over. Drinks that are accompanied by sushi are sake. Sushi go-with sake serves as an aperitif on the side.. 

What is your Sushi selection?

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