The innocuous travel bug Has it bitten you yet?

The innocuous travel bug Has it bitten you yet?

The Blankety-blank travel bug 

Lying in a hammock under the blanket of stars with a full moon gleaming in your face at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Hiking across all 5 picturesque romantic seaside towns in Cinque Terre, Italy. Dancing all day on the sandy shores of El Golfo de Santa Clara, Mexico. These are the travel memories that I will always cherish in my heart. These are the memories that gave me the travel bug.

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The travel bug my friend is a virus that doesn’t go away. It causes you to sit at your desk day job and fantasize about the cool crisp breeze in Belize. Once you travel your life is never the same. Your heart and mind expands tremendously. The idea of being home and staying in one place keeps you restless at night and dreaming all day long. You spend your down time looking up flights and adding more places to your Pinterest bucket list.

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The variety of ways to travel elicits a different experience each and every time with waves of emotion, imprinting a new outlook on life. Traveling to new unseen places, meeting locals, eating native foods has the power to expand your mind and your heart. Stepping outside of your comfort zone to connect with all walks of life.

The people one encounters have been exposed to such a different world. They too have their own unique filters that shape their perspective of our planet. They are influenced by an entirely different set of cultural norms in comparison. The values, motivations, and opinion on the purpose of life is unique to them. Yet despite of all these differences and language barrier you are still able to find a connection. At the very least you’re an observer taking it all in.

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Traveling forces you to grow as a human. During your travel you are exposing yourself to new sights to see, different humans to meet, and listen to the stories that the rest of the world has to share with you. Traveling takes away the aspect of self in the moment but after your journey reflection on your personal growth and how these experiences shaped you is inevitable.

Once the travel bug has bitten you, the yearning for the next adventure becomes even more prevalent in your life. The need to be any place but home becomes a sole motivator in your quest to expand your horizons. Travel becomes the meaning of your life. To experience as much as you can, taste the unique flavors of the world, inhaling the diverse scents of markets, salty seas, and rolling meadows. To experience all the differences in the culture of a country, but knowing that despite all these differences it is exhilarating to share the planet earth with all these wonderful visions and humans.

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Many of us aspire to travel as frequently as possible. But for many of us we are only able to go on holiday a few times in a year. I encourage you to experience the travel bug at a local level. Continue to walk outside of the box of comfort by trying new foods, taking full advantage of what your neighbors, city, and country have to offer you. There are always new opportunities for growth in your own localities and with an open heart and mind you never know what you’ll stumble upon.

A traveler’s heart is always true to travel around-the-clock. Write to us unfailingly!


Madeline Ulivieri

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  1. I agree with aspirations everything is possible

  2. The travel bug has bitten my 6 years ago, and since then I am just wandering around the world. I am quite happy with my life and I want to get permanently infected by this disease. :p

  3. I caught the travel bug when I, at the age of 17, spent 6 weeks in Guatemala. I don’t think I have often been more nervous than before I got onto that flight but it changed my life: it made me realize there is so much to see in this world. People lead such different lives in different countries and traveling allows you to, however briefly, be a part of that.

  4. i love love traveling!

  5. This is a disease that I hope never to be cured of….I love travelling. I wanderlust so much in the shower, on facebook, while talking to others.
    I worry that others who haven’t been infected are afraid of those of us who have?

  6. Yes! The bug has already bitten me also. Since i remember i love to travel. I want to experience all you say in the first paragraph!!

  7. Nice post. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be sure to take some of your advice.

  8. I’m pretty sure I was born with the travel bug, thanks to my travelling parents! You are totally right, it doesn’t have to be a flight across the world to be able to travel properly and learn. I believe that exploring your own surroundings, your neighbourhood and city is an art on its own.

  9. I am met and old couple on a trip to slovakia. They said travel while you are young and stay healthy. There is so much that you can do when you are young. Since then I have been trying to visit atleast 3 countries a year.

  10. I agree with the things you say, I can totally relate to it, I know exactly what it means when you say that once a person travels their life will never the same. It is true, everything changes! I have traveled since I was 3 years old. It started when my parents left Brazil to go to Venezuela, now I’m living in France, got married and keep living traveling adventures with my love. It’s the best thing ever! I also like that you say “Traveling forces you to grow as a human” because it truly does!

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