The Hottest Holiday Countries in Europe

The Hottest Holiday Countries in Europe

The Hottest Holiday Countries in Europe

If you are looking for a lifetime breath-taking holiday experience, Europe has some great destinations which should be on your bucket list. These destinations are distributed across Europe in different countries. Whether you are looking for a great accommodation, attractive sites, natural wonders, cultural diversities or rich historical backgrounds, these countries got you covered:

1. Spain

You can easily travel anywhere in Europe but if you want to discover some really amazing places, feel alive and get inspiration, then Spain is your sure bet. From the vibrant and colourful Barcelona to the irresistible splendour of Madrid, Spain is just amazing. While in Spain, you also want to experience the warm and sunny Seville. While every country has either amazing built architectures or nature, Spain is unique in that it is well blended with both.

It offers travellers with a wealth of  natural beauty while at the same time innovative human architectural designs. Spain also has a rich cultural scene and a fascinating history that every traveller wants to experience. With forty-four World Heritage sites in the country, including the amazing Roman ruins, Spain is undoubtedly Europe’s hottest holiday destination.

The Hottest Holiday Countries in Europe

2. Norway

Every country is unique, but Norway’s uniqueness is breath-taking. The country has an epic natural beauty characterised by rugged coastal mountains, glaciers and deep fjords. Norway has unique wildlife and landscapes legally protected in its spectacular national reserves and parks. Though few, Norway’s cities are highly sophisticated which make travellers want to explore them. With its northern part lying within the Arctic Circle, aurora borealis and midnight sun form part of the Norwegian unending drama. Travellers easily encounter polar bears freely roaming in the icefields.

The Hottest Holiday Countries in Europe

3. Croatia

Croatia is rich in ancient walled towns and some awesome beaches which are framed by sparkling blue waters. If you are after a rich cultural background and an astounding natural beauty, Croatia is the next best place you want to visit while in Europe for holidays. It has notable national parks where you will find beautiful lakes such as the Plitvice Lakes, dense forests and striking waterfalls. Kornati archipelago is a great scene with one hundred and forty pristine islands surrounded by crystal clear azure seas. Located in Split and Dubrovnik cities are the best Croatia accommodation facilities such as Piazza Heritage Hotel and Ariston hotel respectively.

The Hottest Holiday Countries in Europe

4. Italy

In Italy, you just get excited by being surrounded by a lot of culture, history and art. From the breath-taking beauty of Amalfi Coast to the unending Tuscan romance, you just can’t help but feel your soul warmed up. Italians are courteous and well-dressed. Their taste of fashion is something you will enjoy, not mentioning the Italian divine food. Experience a magnificent past in Rome. Here, you will definitely fall in love with the ruins of the world’s greatest empire and the stunning museums. Find endless renaissance art in Florence or just have a great time observing the country’s outstanding landscapes and lakes.

The Hottest Holiday Countries in Europe

5. France

Much of France’s beauty comes from its landscape diversity. France’s diversity has something for almost every visitor. Cote d’Azur is sun-drenched and has many satisfying resorts. Paris, the country’s capital, is famous for its priceless art. The Alps provides an amazing skiing experience while Provence has hilltop villages that every traveller wants to visit.

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