The ideal kit for make up on the go

The ideal kit for make up on the go

The travel make up kit has to be the ultimate have-it-all kit. Pack the kit light with products that multi task so that you can travel light.

A good BB cream is a great investment with an inbuilt primer that can work as a foundation too.

Invest in a lipper that can do the double duty as a blush. Just dab on cheeks as tint. It can also be used as eye shadow.

A good water proof and smudge proof eyebrow pencil with a spoolie brush can be used for the brows or kohl or eyeliner.

Make up remover wipes are must haves for removing make up, cleaning face and taking care of make up smudges.

Rose water can be used as a toner before make up application. It can be used as a make up setting spray for a dewy look.

Translucent powder can be used as an under eye cover up to lighten the area. Put some over your satin lip tint for a matte finish or use it as a dry shampoo.

Petroleum jelly can multi task as a brow gel, chap stick and highlighter. Dab it on the eye lids for glossy lids and iconic longer and fuller eye lashes.

Bronzer adds dimension to the face for the perfect 3D effect and also doubles up as eye shadow for the eyes as a rich pigment.

Mascara can be used as a liquid liner. Carry an angular brush for the iconic winged eye liner look.

Opt for a beauty blender. Skip carrying multiple make up brushes. Beauty blender gives a smooth application of the blush or rouge and saves time in cleaning or you can skip the cleaning for once in a while on the move.

Make up kit is all about luxurious stuff but make up on the move should be a mix of luxe look and easy traveling. Skin care items are must pack items especially organic oils and a day cream. A small pouch of make up with essentials like lip tint, kohl pencil and mascara is a must carry on the move all the time.

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