Western Canada Trails: Episode II – Banff

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Banff: “Need to reside”



It’s one of the first National Park you’ll cross while heading to Vancouver, and a super nice small city with plenty of hikes and things to see. Don’t forget to buy the pass for every park here for 136 CAD at the entrance.
Don’t forget to buy pepper spray because you could meet some bears while hiking.  😛

banff national park canada travel dejavu travel blogging

I personally choose to stay a bit higher on the road, in Castle Junction. There’s an hostel, super nice super cheap, 45 minutes of drive further than Banff, for 24 CAD for one night in a dorm. I only stayed odne day in Banff,
so I didn’t found any Gem or Hidden place to go! Sorry!

What :
banff top mount sulphur canada travel dejavu travel blogging

We mostly went there to hike, but you’ll never have time to do everything, and we didn’t have more than a day. 


We first went up to the Mount Sulphur. It offers a nice point of view over Banff and everything around, but the walk isn’t really interesting. It takes me an hour to walk to the top, but you can double it if you’re not walking as fast as i’ve taugh by my grandmother haha.  😆  

You can also pay for the Gondola, maybe it’ a better solution. 
You can then go to Cave & Bassin, it smells, there’s people, but it’s a thing to see. It’s free with the pass if you bought it before. Don’t think it’s super impressive, i was a bit disappointed. 
Go to the tourism office, they have maps and advices about pretty much everything. 

The places I went to :  

  • Mount Sulphur Hike
  • Cave & Bassin
  • Park Distillery, if you get thirsty after the hike it’s a nice place.
  • Tourism Office, that’s a good place to find informations about hikes, there’s so much to do there…

Next stop: Invermere


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