Western Canada Trails: Episode I – Calgary

Cowtown Calgary: World’s Cleanest city


How long : 2 nights

Where I stayed : Hotel Elan, in Calgary


I choose this place because it’s calm and peaceful, a good place to rest after the stress, the plane and the long travel if you’re coming from Europe.

Otherwise, it’s more like a family place, calm, except during The Stampede. This huge cowboy party is really a good moment to discover some really good things about Canada and also America in a way. 
I only stayed there 2 nights, just what I needed to grab my car, sleep a bit, and be ready for this amazing trip!


As I said, it’s more a family place, but there’s good things to do. I love walking to discover a city, so I usually get lost and I think it’s a nice way to see things, meet people, etc. I pick up a place, and then I try to go there ;
this time it was the Zoo.

The Zoo of Calgary is quiet huge, and it’s a must see! Count 26 CAD for an adult.  But the walk I did wasn’t super interesting except going around the Stampede area, and walking along the Bow, a wide river cutting the city in two parts. You can also take the metro to go there, simple and cheap, I did it to come back after a 30km walk.

The Calgary Tower is the place to see the city from above! Count 18 CAD to go at the top, it’s free if you eat at the restaurant (it’s a rotating restaurant with an awesome view on the city.)

The places I went to

  • Stampede Area
  • Calgary Tower and one drink at the restaurant
  • Calgary Zoo
  • A dinner at Saltlik for some good meat without getting ruined
  • A good place to rent the car : Avis, 1616 14TH Av. Northwest in Calgary.

Next stop: Banff


Yannick Messerli

Follow me on Instagram to get the most of my trips! IG : messerliyannick 24, designer and student in architecture, from Switzerland. Trying to get the most of my spare time and money by traveling and sharing the things I see.


  1. Hi fellow Swiss blogger! Looking forward to your future posts about Canada 🙂

  2. The restaurant at the top sounds fun!

  3. Nice intro to Canada. I have been to Calgary then traveled on to Banff so can’t wait to hear your take on it.

  4. Looks like a great place! Haven’t been to canada yet, so hopefully we can get up there soon and visit some of these places.

    • Canadian are lovely people. If you go there be sure to rent a car and travel around… National Parks are amazing! Pics are on my instagram!

  5. Haven’t heard much of Calgary so I would say kudos that you found interesting stuff to do there. Looking forward to your future posts.

  6. I’ve only been to Calgary Airport once in the dead of winter. But I would love to see it in the spring or summer and explore it some more!

  7. Tanvi Rastogi : August 26, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    Visited Calgary & Banff in 2008 – Would love to go back. 🙂

  8. An old fashioned stampede is on my bucket list!

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