Things to do for your skin during long flights on travels

Things to do for your skin during long flights on travels

Traveling at long distances account for sitting in a confined metal tube for an extended period of time aka flying in an airplane. It is both physically exhausting leaving you jet lagged but tiring for the skin taking a complete toll on it. The air in the cabin and the microorganisms germinating in the confined spaces keep floating leaving you dehydrated with irritating skin. It is important to taking care of your skin before and during a long flight should be a part of your travel routine to ensure you are looking your best when you land. A post flight skincare is just as important.

Remove your make up as soon as you get on the flight. The golden rule of not sleeping with your make up on applies for long flights too. The skin probably already collects a lot of fair amount of sweat and dirt waiting around the airport before boarding. Cleansing your face is one of first things to do whether with cotton and micellar water, a creamy hydrating cleanser or moisturizing wipes. Use gentle and specifically moisturizing products. Keep your skin hydrated during the flight.

Refresh your skin with a hydrating mist. It wakes the skin up and gives it a bit of moisture kick. Continue during this throughout the flight for an instant pick me up for the skin.

Use a face mask as your personal spa time. Break out your favorite moisturizing sheet mask for a quick 10-20 minute skin refresher. It would give an instant best feeling to the skin.

The under eye area is always in need of a little extra TLC especially on a long flight. Stay away from dark under eye bags with under eye masks or eye cream. Keep your eye area extra hydrated by opting for an eye patch mask or an eye cream.

Apply skin serum for instant moisture to the skin. It keeps your skin soft and supple. Finish off your skincare routine with facial oil and moisturizer. It hydrates the skin without making it greasy or sticky. Facial oil products lets all the layers of the products seep in.

Lip balm keeps your lips chapped when chances are that long flights leave your pout in major need of moisture making it dry lip balms can be quite handy in some lip TLC.

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