Western Canada Trails: Episode VI- Jasper

what are things to do jasper canada travel dejavu

Glacial-fed Canadian Rockies’ Alpine Town: Jasper


things to do canada jasper travel dejavu

Why :

It’s a must-stop. Really charming city, quite small but really alive ! Plus there’s a new hostel in the middle of the city, nice rooms, nice people, and the kitchen will be rebuilt soon (that wasn’t a good one). Otherwise there are many hotels and camping ground, but you must book it in advance. Don’t try some adventurous bullshit in « we’ll see mode on », because you’ll sleep on a bench.

I also went there ten years ago, we went to Pyramid Lake and some other places. It was super nice!


What :

You can do some rafting, and that’s a good thing to do there. Water is cold, but it’s funny. Go for the most high rated tour even with a family if you want to get splashed a bit.

Go to Maligne Canyon and then Maligne Lake, it’s a nice little walk and really nice canyon.

jasper maligne canyon travel dejavu canada

If the weather is cold, Miette Hotsprings are far but nice (1h30 of driving). I couldn’t go inside, to much people so maybe give a call before going there. You can see some wildlife on the road there like Goats, Bull Deer, Moose and others.things-to-do-jasper-miette-canada-travel-dejavu

4 Peaks was a nightclub where we drank some shots for almost nothing. It’s really in the middle of the city.


The places I went to :

  • Rafting
  • Maligne Canyon
  • Maligne Lake
  • Pyramid Lake
  • Miette Hotsprings
  • 4 Peaks
  • Movie Theater
  • A brewery in the middle of the city, super nice but I don’t remember the name.

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Next stop: Wellsgray National Park


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  1. While I know they limit people on entering places like the Miette Hotsprings, it’s super annoying to get there and not be able to get in! I like your recommendation of making a reservation, especially if it’s over an hour drive.

  2. I was planning to visit Jasper this year, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn’t make it! Hopefully I will go next year. Maligne Canyon looks gorgeous!

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