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Osaka is Japan’s second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo. It is the metropolis that is currently in spotlight in transit. Osaka is an ancient 6th century city is the anti-capital of Japan. One can reach there from Tokyo in Shinkansen bullet train with the sights of Mt. Fuji. Osaka is a designated city and the capital city of Osaka Prefecture.

Osaka is about 500 miles to the west of Tokyo. It takes 3 hours and 45 minutes by bullet train to reach Osaka. The Harukas 300 observatory on the 60th floor of the Abenobashi Terminal building is a must do. Osaka Castle which is a Japanese style castle is a 16th century shogunate castle is the main historic landmark of Osaka. It is surrounded by a moat and cherry blossoms. It is peachy in true sense Shintennoji Temple and Sumiyoshi-taisha are Shinto shrines and are must dos.

Osaka is filled with neon lights on its shopping districts. Dotonbori is the must do shopping district with the structures of Old Osaka of courtyards and Buddhist temples. Osaka is popular for its izakaya bars and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Ebusibashi, Shinsaibashi, Midosuji and Amerikamura are other must do shopping districts.

Osaka is rightly called the Japan’s kitchen or tenka no daidokoro in Japanese. Some of the must eat Osaka street eats are takoyaki which are octopus fritters, okonomiyaki which is an omelette pancake with meats, seafood, noodles and kimchi, kushikatsu is a deep fried skewered vegetable dish with meats and quail eggs, kitsune udon is a thick noodle soup served with fried tofu and fugu fish dish only prepared by licensed fugu chefs.

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  1. i have never been to japan but i have heard amazing things about how beautiful it is ,hopefully someday I’ll get a chance to pay a visit and see Osaka for myself .the food sounds incredible too:)

  2. The images you captured are amazing. I loved that your chose to highlight a place that has so much history and offers so much to do.

  3. Oh wow I would love to go to Osaka! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan but never knew specifically which parts I would love to see so I find this guide very helpful!

  4. I am going to Osaka end of this year and this is a great list for me. Yes, I heard about the famous takoyaki in Osaka and I would certainly not to miss the takoyaki. Not sure I will try the fugu fish as the price is too expensive for me.

  5. Osaka looks an absolutely stunning place to visit and the food sounds wonderful. I’d love to go there!

  6. I’ve never been in Japan and one time I would really like to visit it. Especially after I read this post and saw the pictures. An excellent review, I hope you enjoyed your trip.

  7. That food sounds SO yummy!!! And those cherry blossoms give me mega ‘heart eyes’. Looks like a great place to visit!

  8. Nicole Vick : May 1, 2018 at 4:40 am

    Wow! This looks like some place I’d like to visit. The food looked tasty in the photo! I just remembered my daughter’s cousin is from Tokyo. Maybe one day I will go visit her and see if she can take me to Osaka!

  9. I have never been to Japan, but a few years back my father and aunt went. They loved Osaka so much, they thought it was very pretty and full of lovely food. I don’t think it hurt they went during cherry blossom season.

  10. Elizabeth O : May 1, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    Oh wow Osaka through your eyes looks and sounds incredibly stunning. I love the sound of neon lights and all the great food!

  11. I would love to go to Japan and experience the culture. The scenery looks fascinating would love to see the temples up close. And the food would be my guilty pleasure.

  12. I loved Osaka when I have been there. I think I had a great inside of touristic sights thanks to osaka card. Lovely city with perfect seafood

  13. Thank you for this nice article! It is very concise but so informative! I would love to travel to Japan, but for now it is just a wish. A not very talkative friend of mine went to Japan and I asked him “how was it?, tell me everything!!” he said “there are temples everywhere, there is food everywhere, there are people everywhere, there are a lot of things everywhere” :O not really helpful , lol

  14. Wow! It seems that there’s quite a bit to do there. Your photos are beautiful.

  15. I’ve never been to Japan, but my boyfriend and his family love that place. I am looking forward to travelling with them to Japan soon! Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what it would be like!

  16. Osaka looks like a wonderland. Although I never never been to Japan but for me and my brother …its our fav country. We would love to live there lol


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